Thursday, October 8, 2020

Beach Report 10/8/20


Another glorious day at the beach, albeit a bit cooler and breezier than yesterday, peaking around 67 F. 
A Common Buckeye set down on the beach, presumably puddling. Buckeye's are one of the last butterflies to disappear in fall; I've seen them in Dec. with frost on the ground.
Moments before this picture, this Bald Eagle attacked an Osprey carrying a fish, and forced it to drop it. The Osprey, of course, escaped unharmed while the eagle looked for the fish (which was the point of the whole exercise). Unfortunately, it did not find the fish, and flew back to it's perch in the trees hungry. Well, the crabs, which are still here, will get the benefit.
A floating Trump ad.

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