Sunday, October 18, 2020

Reason #92-96 Trump Should be Reelected

John Hawkins at Bongino, 5 Big Things Americans Can No Longer Take for Granted if Joe Biden Becomes President

1) That we’ll have 9 members of the Supreme Court: There have been 9 justices on the Supreme Court since 1869, but Democrats are so upset that Donald Trump got to pick 3 justices that they’re now seriously discussing packing the Supreme Court. Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have rather famously refused to say whether they’ll support that, so it’s a real possibility. Unfortunately, the moment the Democrats pack the court, the Constitution effectively ceases to exist, and the law becomes whatever the Democrats want it to be.

2) That the police will be there if there’s trouble: What you’re seeing in many liberal cities is regular rioting supported by government officials. The police aren’t allowed to use effective tactics to stop the riots and worse yet, in many cases, the district attorneys simply release the vast majority of the rioters without charges. In those situations, the police inevitably pull back because there’s no point in arresting people that will be on the streets free and clear the next day with the blessing of the DA. So, what happens when people with that mentality control the Department of Justice? Could you see the DOJ go after police departments for doing their jobs? Absolutely. Could you see the DOJ under Biden accuse police departments of being racist for not letting protesters block traffic or harass people in residential neighborhoods? Absolutely. There a lot of Democrats that want to turn every city in America into Minneapolis or Portland and under Joe Biden, they may increasingly get their way.

3) That you won’t be locked down again: The lockdowns were completely ineffective at stopping the Coronavirus and they did devastating damage to the economy. Although there’s no chance Trump would lock the country down again, Joe Biden has said he is willing to do it. As the Wall Street Journal noted:

4) That we’ll have a stable government: One of the other changes near and dear to the hearts of Democrats is getting rid of the filibuster in the Senate. If that were to happen and Democrats controlled the House, Senate, and Presidency, they could do anything they wanted. The Green New Deal, banning guns, reparations, making Puerto Rico a state, you name it. Of course, those moves would probably be unpopular, which could mean that the Republicans could take over, promptly reverse everything the Democrats did, and make their own sweeping changes. Those types of wild shifts would be bad for the public, bad for the economy, and would lead to instability.

5) That we’ll have another fair election: Of course, there would be a simple solution to the problem posed in #4. You change the rules so that the other side can never take power again. If the Democrats packed the Supreme Court (which they are considering) and got rid of the filibuster for legislation (which they are considering), it would be very easy for them to change the rules of the game to lock Republicans out of power. If the Democrats didn’t do it and Republicans got back into power, the GOP would be fools not to do it because eventually, the Democrats would. It’s an ugly scenario that would lead to the end of the United States as we know it, but there are quite a few powerful Democrats that would consider that a price worth paying for getting their way.

The second amendment concerns me too. 

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