Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Beach Report 10/6/20

We left around noon (but before lunch) for today's walk. I spotted this Cloudless Sulphur in the roadside weeds on the way down.
It is absolutely gorgeous here today. Blue sky with 72 F temperatures, negligible wind, and low humidity. October tends to be one of our better months.
Not a lot of beach traffic, either. 19 shark's teeth, but nothing noteworthy.
One of the last remaining Ospreys, or is it a transient on his was south? There aren't many left, and you can here the eagles in the trees, squawking about having to catch their own damn fish soon. 
There's something meta about this one.
Looking south, across the jetty at the Dominion Gas Docks.
And Whitey is still around. I hadn't seen it since Sept. 30, and I was getting ready to write it off as having moved on, but when we walked through the Harbor, there it was in back. John says it often comes there at low tides to fish for minnows in the shallow water where the stream comes in.

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