Monday, October 5, 2020

Russiagate: Andy Begs Off

One of the central figures in Russia/Spygate, Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director of the FBI under James Comey, and Acting Director after Comey's firing, later fired after it was shown that he had lied to FBI agents investing certain leaks for the IG, who had been supposedly ready to come back to the Senate and be questioned, has now revoked his willingness to testify, because WuFu germs come through internet connections apparentely (We saw his former boss Comey recently testify by video link). John Solomon at JTN, McCabe drops from testifying at Russia hearing Tuesday, citing coronavirus outbreak "McCabe says it would be unfair to testify remotely and dangerous to testify in person after three senators tested positive for COVID-19"

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is bowing out of his planned testimony Tuesday before a Senate committee investigating wrongdoing in the Russia probe, citing a coronavirus outbreak in Washington that has sickened President Trump and at least three senators.

McCabe's lawyer sent a letter Saturday with his decision, saying testifying in person would be dangerous and testifying remotely would be unfair given the complexity of issues involved in the Russia probe codenamed Crossfire Hurricane that targeted President Trump and his advisers.

"Mr. McCabe is willing, able, and eager to testify in person about Crossfire Hurricane at any time in the future when it is safe to do so," his lawyer Michael Bromwich wrote in a letter to Chairman Lindsey Graham. 'But he is not willing to put his family’s health at risk to do so.

"For these reasons, we are unwilling to appear in person for the October 6 hearing; and for reasons of fairness, we are unwilling to testify remotely. A fair and appropriate hearing of this kind — which is complex and contentious — simply cannot be conducted other than in person," Bromwich wrote.

McCabe was expected to be the star witness at the hearing, which is examining why the FBI submitted four inaccurate FISA warrants targeting the Trump campaign in the Russia probe, doctored evidence, failed to inform the court as required of exculpatory evidence and continued to pursue former Trump adviser Mike Flynn when line agents recommended the case be closed for lack of evidence.

McCabe also was accused by the Justice Department's watchdog of lying during an internal investigation, but the Barr DOJ declined prosecution.

Yes, I'm sure he's quite eager to get another shot at being accused of lying to Congress. On Da Hill, McCabe will not appear at Senate hearing, citing coronavirus concerns. Rick Moranis, PJ Media, Andrew McCabe Dodges Senate Hearing Citing Coronavirus Concerns

From Chuck Ross at Da Caller, Bill Brennan finally admits that, internally, the CIA analysts weren't as high on the Russian collusion story as he claimed; Ex-CIA Director Reveals Internal Division At Spy Agency Over Trump-Russia Intelligence

Former CIA Director John Brennan reveals in a forthcoming book and interview that there was internal division at the spy agency over the level of confidence in an intelligence assessment that Vladimir Putin directed Russia’s election interference in the U.S. specifically to help Donald Trump.

According to The New York Times, Brennan describes in his memoir and in an unaired interview that two senior CIA officials pushed back in early 2017 against analysts’ assessment that they had a high level of confidence about Putin’s motives.

The officials lobbied Brennan for a medium-level confidence rating for the intelligence.

“They came up and talked to me about it and I listened to them because I wanted to make sure I understood exactly what their concerns were,” Brennan told C-SPAN in an interview yet to be aired. “And I encouraged them to talk to the authors of the assessment and determine if the judgment should stay at high confidence or medium confidence.”

Thomas Farnham at the National Pulse (henceforth NP),  EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: How The DNC Hired CrowdStrike To Frame Russia For The Hack

U.S. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe recently declassified information indicating the CIA obtained intelligence in 2016 that the Russians believed the Clinton campaign was trying to falsely associate Russia with the so-called hack of DNC computers. CIA Director John Brennan shared the intelligence with President Obama. They knew, in other words, that the DNC was conducting false Russian flag operation against the Trump campaign. The following is an exclusive excerpt from The Russia Lie that tells the amazing story in detail . . .

Chuck Ross again, Nunes Suggests Shutting Down Intel Agencies Until They Turn Over ‘Smoking Gun’ Trump Information. Sundance has the video at Sunday Talks – Devin Nunes: Without Immediate Corrective Action, It’s Time to Talk About Shutting Down The U.S. Intelligence Agencies…

In the life of any governmental agency, there comes a time when the purpose of the agency, at least at the top levels, become more about sustaining and growing the organization, while the original mission gets second billing, at best. For intelligence organizations, that means grooming the politicians who control the funding, and eventually taking steps to control their enemies. I would suggest a thorough restructuring of both the FBI and CIA, who seem to have bad cases of institutionalitis, to get rid of the political gangrene near the top.
Caroline Biden

And news from the Biden Crime family, Rowan Scarborough at WaT reports on  How Treasury Dept. tracked overseas cash pocketed by Hunter Biden and John Levine an NYPo, Joe Biden’s niece set to appear in court for DUI case day after presidential election
How convenient.

Joe Biden’s niece will have her day in court after she was ­busted on drugged-driving charges in Pennsylvania, with an arraignment set for Nov. 4 — one day after the presidential election.

Caroline Biden, 33, the daughter of Joe’s brother James Biden, was arrested in Lower Merion Township, Pa., in August 2019. The DUI case has been slowly moving through the courts.

The Nov. 4 arraignment ensures that the Biden bust will be kept in a deep freeze until after voters in the swing state and around the country go to polls.

“I find it unusual that it would be that far into the future,” Mike Gottlieb, a Norristown attorney with experience in DUI cases, told The Post.

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  1. McCabe is afraid of the flu? And I was under the mistaken impression that we hired FBI personnel for their courage and ability to reasonably assess risks. The top ranks of the FBI have been a bad, bad joke.