Monday, June 6, 2016

Porpoise on Chesapeake Bay

I got the call for a day of hook and line fishing from Pete a couple of days ago. Most of the fish have moved north, so Pete is fishing out of Deale, where we (me, Jerry, Rick, and Chad) met this morning a 5:30 AM for and early start.
We caught a bunch of fish near Poplar Island. It's no secret. Watch for the boats and watch for the birds. We probably caught 50 keepers between the 5 of us there, with the largest being one of mine close to 34 inches. Sorry, no fish pics. We were too busy. After the bite died there, we wandered to the vicinity of Sharps Island Light, where we found a few more.

From Sharps. we crossed back to the West Side, where we ran into a pod of porpoises, not too common in the bay
The "Radar Towers" at Randal's Cliffs.
No fish at Thomas Point Light
Or the Bay Bridge
Or Bloody Point light
We managed a few more fish out in the Bay back off Poplar Island (or rather I should say Rick did), and ran into the porpoises again.
From that area we left for Deale again, pacing this Osprey carrying a fish a long way back in

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