Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Slip of the Lip at

The Observer observes (no, I never get tired of that observation): How EmailGate Weakened America’s National Security "It’s safe to say that Moscow, Beijing and Tehran know a lot more about Hillary Clinton than the American public does"
“We know it was hacked numerous times, it’s that simple,” explained a senior U.S. counterintelligence official who is privy some of the FBI’s findings. “If I were Vladimir Putin I’d fire the head of the SVR [Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service] if he didn’t get a good look at Hillary’s emails when they were sitting in plain sight online,” he added with a laugh.
She knew. She just didn't care. Instapundit:
NOW THAT’S RICH: Clinton launching national security case against Trump in California speech.

Word not used in Anne Gearan’s Washington Post writeup? “Email.”
Clinton tech aide plans to take the Fifth at deposition Brian Pagliano planning to go "Full Lerner" at the deposition with Judicial Watch. They don't want that to be videotaped either.

We hit on this yesterday too, but it's worth reinforcing: That’s convenient! Clinton’s chief of staff is quizzed about her secret email server – but can’t answer questions because she is now Hillary’s lawyer . She was also Hillary's lawyer before her State Dept. appointment, leaving little time to be quizzed about. Also, via Wombat-socho's "In the Mailbox, 06.01.16" Former Granny Clinton Chief of Staff Blames Benghazi for Her Email Mess
Ms. Mills, in sworn testimony ordered by a federal judge taken last week and released Tuesday, said Mrs. Clinton and her team were occupied with too many other things to think about going through their official records and making sure they remained with the department — a requirement of multiple federal laws and agency policies.
Also  The Unexpectedly Chronicles: Doug Mataconis Still Defending Hillary after all these years and Poll: Would Dems want Hillary to keep running if indicted? (Hint: She looks GREAT in orange)

But Even lefty PolitiFact calls Hillary a liar over email scam. Former Governor Bill Weld and now the vice presidential Libertarian candidate Bill Weld: ‘I’m Not Buying’ That Clinton Will Be Indicted, Not Enough Evidence But then MSNBC interrupts Libertarian candidate to talk to Clinton
MSNBC interrupted an interview with Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson and running mate William Weld on Tuesday evening for a phone interview with Hillary Clinton.

"Governors, I want to pause here for a second because we've got a rare opportunity. We've got more presidential candidates than we know what to do with today," MSNBC host Chuck Todd said
In the event of catastrophe, Andrew McCarthy suggests the democrats may try the Torricelli solution: Will Joe Biden be the Democrats’ next Frank Lautenberg?
In October 2002, seeking reelection while beset by an indefensible corruption investigation, Senator Robert Torricelli was badly trailing his Republican rival, Doug Forrester, as the race came down to the wire — no small thing in the blue Garden State. At the eleventh hour (actually, more like after the twelfth hour), Democrats persuaded “the Torch” to step aside. Into his place they slid 78-year-old Frank Lautenberg, a reliably partisan former senator.

The lateness of the switcheroo denied Republicans a meaningful opportunity to campaign against Lautenberg, in violation of state election laws. But New Jersey’s solidly Democratic judiciary predictably looked the other way. Overnight, the polls flipped and Lautenberg won going away.
Are the Dems preparing to throw Hillary under the bus? Wall Street Journal: Clinton Might Not Be the Nominee If Bernie wins Cali? Twenty Thousand "Unemployed Bernie Bros"Committed To Anti-Hillary ‘Occupy DNC’ Protest

Drumbeat builds for Clinton press conference
Pressure is building on Hillary Clinton to hold a press conference as she seeks to wrap up the Democratic presidential nomination.

It’s been 180 days since Clinton’s last open press conference, a fact not lost on the members of the media who cover her, or on Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee.
Ann Althouse examines Why doesn't Hillary Clinton ever do a press conference? and finds an amusing slip:
There's an interesting Freudian slip in that video. Hillary is talking about how Trump is "attacking everybody" and "that is a recipe for gridlock in Washington and that's what we've got to break and get away with."

Get away with? Obviously, she meant to say get away from. Why did with intrude itself? [ADDED: The obvious guess is that she often thinks of getting away with things.]
Also from Ann: Hillary says Trump had to be shamed into giving the money he bragged about to charity, while she, "of course," is responsible for "hundreds of millions of dollars" going to veterans.
Since Hillary invited the comparison and made it central to a pointed attack on Trump — you don't have to attack a person over their charitable giving — the press should lay out the comparison for us. How much has Hillary Clinton "donated personally" to veterans groups and how, exactly, has she "worked to provide hundreds of millions of dollars over time to help our veterans by what I voted for"? Does she simply mean that as a Senator she voted for lots of appropriations of government money? And then, on her own, she's made some personal donations? How much?
Asked and answered, thanks to Breitbart: Records: Hillary Clinton Has Donated $70,000 To Veterans. So would you rather have $4.6 million or $70 thousand?

Pot, meet kettle: Hillary Clinton Calls Donald Trump a ‘Fraud’ Who Would ‘Scam America’

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