Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Price of Stupidity is Pain: #37

Piranha Takes Off Half of Finger
Pro hunter Tim Wells is known for doing some crazy things. Sometimes crazy things happen to him.

Piranhas are known to have teeth, and they’re not afraid to bite into anything that gets within striking distance.

So why would you get your hand close to their mouth?

That’s what Tim did, and now he’s missing part of a finger.
Doesn't look too bad. Heck, a Bluefish that size could do that much damage.

As I've probably related in the past, I have a bit of personal experience with  piranhas. I worked at a tropical fish store/wholesaler for several years in high school and college and we had piranhas off and on (it was illegal under California law, but there was money to be made). One night I counted about 200 very small (about 1/2 inch) Red Belly Piranhas for export to Japan by hand. Even at that small size their teeth scratched my hands, and left numerous small cuts.

We had a big Black Piranha, about the size of the one in the video who sat around all lonely by his/herself in tank that we were afraid to handle, for fear it would tear through the net and wind up on the floor. One day, some one stole it in a daring day time heist, netting it out of the tank into some container and running out the back. It was not missed.

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