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I Come Baring News

Another installment of "Barely News"

By way of Wombat-sochos "In The Mailbox: 11.30.15" and American Power Blog: "Oxford University women's rugby players strip off ahead of Twickenham debut against Cambridge to raise money for charity."

With the Varsity Match between Oxford and Cambridge set to be played at Twickenham this year for the first time, women's rugby is on the brink of getting a lot more exposure.

And some of the players on the Dark Blue side of the rivalry are now getting even more exposed, as they raise money for charity with a naked calendar.
. . .
'The message that Beat promotes really fits with the positive body image and confidence that we promote at OURFC Women. Our calendar highlights the variety of women that play rugby and we hope it will encourage and inspire more women to try out rugby.

'The majority of the team had never considered doing a naked calendar before but it was obvious that everyone was really keen to give it a go.'
And Then, For Some Reason, Amy Schumer Took Her Clothes Off and Posed Nude for Annie Liebowitcz, And Then For Some Other Reason, People Began Saying She Was Beautiful

Eh. She's a very average looking woman. She's not really ugly or anything.

But also... not any kind of girl of your dreams, either.

It's just -- this is a weird double-game the sexual left plays. On one hand, they insist that no one sexually objectify them. On the other hand, they put out naked pictures of themselves.
That's not the only double game going on here, either. Because while Schumer is presenting herself in a sexualized manner -- here's my naked body -- she insists simultaneously that you do not score her according to the rules of the game she is playing. That is, when she appears naked (for no good reason), she doesn't want an honest assessment of how she looks naked; she still wants you to evaluate her by what she thinks is her inherent value as a human being.
. . .
Like I said: Meh.
NEW FEMINIST CAUSE: Going Topless on #GoTopless Day. Don’t Stare, You Sexist!!
It’s getting harder to keep track of all the different feminist causes for women. There’s body shaming, fat shaming, the nonexistent pay gap thing and growing super long pubic hair… well now it’s just going topless in public. Because men can go topless in public. Therefore women should go topless. Because equality. Also boners.

That’s right, women took to the streets of New York without shirts or bras. Their nipples were free. Their words, seriously. #FreeTheNipple is real. Welcome to Boobfest 2015. And really, there are worse things. Because I like boobs. And I generally like fests.

But it does beg the question, why can men go without a shirt and women can’t? – Bro-tip: if you have giant manboobs, maybe you should cover them up– Is it the male patriarchy again? No, not really. It’s actually because men and women are different. Yeah, yeah, sexism, blah, blah, I know. Men and women. Different. A woman’s chest has breasts, and they’re used best in feeding a child. Also, motor-boating. So give it a rest. Woman’s breasts, therefore, are used in a sexual/reproductive function, where a man’s nipples are decorative only. Decorative for what, jury’s still out. It’s kind of God’s equivalent to letting angels toss tinsel on the tree. He wanted them to feel useful, but at the end of the day, it’s not a pretty sight.
. . .
At the end of the day, I don’t care if you show your breasts. I also don’t care if you get mad when we all stop and stare at your bare breasts.

Equality, ain’t it a bitch?
On a slightly better note: Naked Is Normal, Says Emily Ratajkowski
"Go to Europe. Travel. If you spend any time there you notice it right away — their comfort level is different." Ratajkowski continued: "You see more women being openly sexual like it's not a big deal, without them having to be oversexualized. They are celebrated. You see it on the beaches, daughters with their mothers. It's not a big deal to see your mom naked. It's actually quite normal."

But what makes us so dang uptight to begin with? "I don't know if it's about being frigid," she said. "It's more about the constant sexualizing [of] women without actually celebrating women. I think it's more a misdirection of values and femininity rather than the country being frigid."
New wedding dress trend leaves little to the imagination

Women allow themselves to be filmed stripping naked in the middle of a Russian nightclub to win an iPhone (and it isn't even a new model!)
Two nightclubbers have allowed themselves to be filmed stripping naked - for a chance to win the now outdated iPhone 5s.

The ladies - one of whom was married - whipped off their clothes on stage in front of stunned guests.

At one point the MC snatched away the underwear of one of the contestants as she tried to cover her modesty and threw them into the crowd.
. . .
It is not known who actually won the mobile phone in the end.

I'll bet that would work in the US too.

Elizabeth Berkley in "Showgirls"
There’s no such thing as ‘artistic nudity’ — Hollywood is conning you, ladies
“It was all my fault.”

That was director Paul Verhoeven apologizing last week to actress Elizabeth Berkley. In 1995, Berkley, whose star was rising with her career on “Saved by the Bell,” was cast by Verhoeven in the movie “Showgirls.”

Berkley played the lead role of Nomi, an aspiring dancer who wants to make it in Vegas but ends up working in a strip club instead. Filled with nude scenes, lesbian sex and an icky shot of Berkley licking a pole, the movie was universally panned.

Berkley thought she was making a serious film. It turned out she was making porn.

“ ‘Showgirls’ certainly ruined the career of Elizabeth Berkley in a major way,” Verhoeven said. “It made my life more difficult, but not to the degree it did Elizabeth’s. Hollywood turned their backs on her.”
All the nude scenes have just been horrible for Charlize Theron and Susan Sarandon's careers. . . (NSFW links).

Perverted Saudi prince ordered his entire staff to strip naked at his Beverly Hills mansion's pool and said: 'I want to see some naked p****,' court papers claim 
The claim is made in legal documents laying out details of the civil case against Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, 29, who was arrested in Los Angeles last month after neighbors spotted a crying, bleeding woman attempting to scale a wall of his compound.

He is also accused of failing to prevent aides from mistreating three female members of his domestic staff – with the result that they now also face charges, although Prince Majed remains the lead defendant.
. . .
However, on Monday the Los Angeles District Attorney's office announced that felony charges had been dropped, with the case turned over to City Attorney Mike Feur.
It's good to be the King Prince.

Naked man in Spiderman mask confronts teenage girls in Solihull park
A former university student wearing only a Spiderman mask confronted two teenage girls in a Solihull park, a court heard.

Vincent Lam was later caught, fully clothed, but with the mask sticking out of a pocket, Birmingham Magistrates were told.

Lam, 27, of Sandhill Road, Solihull, admitted a charge of exposure.

He was fined £100, put on the sex offender register and ordered to pay £100 costs and a £180 criminal court surcharge.
'Drunk Sun Express plane passenger strips off and asks stewardess for sex' forcing flight to make emergency landing
A drunk man allegedly stripped off on an aeroplane and asked a stewardess for sex - forcing the plane to make an emergency landing. The Turkey-bound Sun Express flight is reported to have been diverted after the reported incident on Saturday.

It is claimed the Irishman boarded the flight from Dublin to Izmir with a large group of friends, reports But as the plane took off it is alleged the man began stripping off, before taking off his underwear and starting to wave his penis around.

The plane is said to have diverted to Belgrade where it is thought the man was taken off the flight.
It's embarrassing once you get sober
And from Alaska: Woman accused of taking clothes off, trashing Subway in custody
The 35-year-old Anchorage woman accused of taking her clothes off and trashing an East Anchorage Subway Tuesday night was arrested and is being held at Anchorage jail, police spokeswoman Anita Shell told Channel 2 News.

Nikki Abrell went into the Subway on Tudor Road around 5 p.m. Tuesday and locked herself in the bathroom for two hours and refused to come out, Shell said.

A Channel 2 viewer at the scene, Tina Anaya says she was planning to pick up a sandwich for dinner when she pulled up to see the restaurant being trashed.

"When I pulled up, I saw a bunch of the Subway workers outside and I thought they were taking a smoke break," Anaya said. "But when I looked inside there was a naked woman literally tearing the place apart."
Family Shocked By What Little Girl Finds in Her Bed

Oksana Bobrovskaya
And part of Mark Steyn's "Premature Explodiation" also courtesy of Wombat-sochos "In The Mailbox: 11.30.15"
~Speaking of not-so-happy endings, there was a did-the-earth-move-for-you? moment in Novosibirsk, the largest city in Siberia. Oksana Bobrovskaya is - was - a glamorous member of the duma. I'm not sure if the picture at top right is a standard pose for Russian parliamentarians, but, if so, she looks better in it than Mitch McConnell. At any rate, Ms Bobrovskaya was having sex with her husband in the back seat of their Toyota RAV4 when the car exploded, killing both of them:

Police sources alleged the couple has rowed before the fatal incident and he had accused her of 'cheating' on him with a wealthy lover.

Eyewitnesses who rushed to the scene said that when the bodies were removed from the car, both the MP and her husband were 'naked below the belt'. . .
Wombat-socho provides "Rule 5 Sunday: Tigers On Top" this week.

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  1. Most supermodels are super thin (as in emaciated) and mostly plastic.

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