Saturday, September 5, 2015

Beach Report 9/5/15

After a fun morning of assembling and installing the new grass/leaf catcher on our riding lawn mower, and then testing it's abilities at collecting leaves (excellent) and fitting through the side gate (tight squeeze, but doable) we got down to the beach. It's less humid today after the passage of a weak cold front, but still pretty warm, in the 80s, with a strong south wind
The Ospreys are out packing on the protein, and getting the kids fit in anticipation of their move south sometime in October.
And the eagles are out, making sure life isn't too easy for the Ospreys. Ospreys are amazing hunters, getting a fish on nearly every dive. Eagles are good bullies, able to force Ospreys carrying fish to drop them or face their wrath.
A female Sachem on a Kudzu blossom. Kudzu flowers smell like grape bubblegum.
A good day to sail.

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