Saturday, September 12, 2015

University of California to Guarantee Freedom from Thought

Some exerpts from a new policy to be "debated" and voted in at the next Regents meeting on Thursday:
Regents of the University of California’s Statement of Principles Against Intolerance

The University of California is committed to protecting its bedrock values of respect, inclusion, and academic freedom. Free expression and the open exchange of ideas — principles enshrined in our national and state Constitutions — are part of the University’s fiber. So, too, is tolerance, and University of California students, faculty, and staff must respect the dignity of each person within the UC community.
So far so good. But as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions (either that or the skulls of unbaptized babies, as my grandpa used to say; maybe good intentions are the mortar that holds the skulls together):
Intolerance has no place at the University of California. We define intolerance as unwelcome conduct motivated by discrimination against, or hatred toward, other individuals or groups. It may take the form of acts of violence or intimidation, threats, harassment, hate speech, derogatory language reflecting stereotypes or prejudice, or inflammatory or derogatory use of culturally recognized symbols of hate, prejudice, or discrimination.

Everyone in the University community has the right to study, teach, conduct research, and work free from acts and expressions of intolerance. The University will respond promptly and effectively to reports of intolerant behavior and treat them as opportunities to reinforce the University’s Principles Against Intolerance.
Wow, from freedom of expression to banning "hate speech" in three paragraphs. That may be new record. Heaven forbid these poor children should actually be exposed to thoughts that do not meet the approval of the almost entirely liberal academic complex.

Let me guess. At UC, gay flags will be flown and Che shirts worn, confederate flags will be banned, speech and writings excoriating "the patriarchy" will be celebrated while casting doubts on feminism and the more absurd social so-called sciences will be punished, agitating against fossil fuels and the companies that provide them will be encouraged, while publicly expressing doubt about climate change will earn a committee appearance to see if you can continue at school while casting aspersions on "the climate change consensus." And the list goes on and on. Professor Volokh has a pretty good list too:

However, lefty professors will still be permitted to propagandize from the pulpit lectern:
This statement shall not be interpreted to prohibit conduct that is related to the course content, teaching methods, scholarship, or public commentary of an individual faculty member or the educational, political, artistic, or literary expression of students in classrooms and public forums that is protected by academic freedom or free speech principles.
Now, conservatives could also report cases of "intolerance" against conservative persons and ideals, but they won't because they believe in the concept of free speech. But a few counter strikes might have a salutatory effect.

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