Tuesday, September 22, 2015

More Cat Woman Blogging

Just because we haven't had enough Japanese Weirdness since Hannah Minx dropped off of Youtube:

Japan Loves Women In Cat-Themed Lingerie
‘Girl, you must be a parking ticket because you’ve got fine feline written all over you.’ Sorry, just preparing myself for the sort of pickup lines I might hear the next time I’m visiting Japan. In a country that created a Google Street View for cats, you shouldn’t really be surprised to learn that one of the hottest selling items among women involves felines. What you may not have expected, however, is that this product doesn’t involve cat cafes or kitty hotels. Rather, the purring is over some of the sexy cat-themed lingerie for sale at one of Japan’s online boutiques.
On the surface, the Japanese underwear looks like a regular pair of bra and panties. What gives it a distinctive touch is the subtle texture around the seams, which is designed to resemble cat fur. Currently, the most popular styles are black cat, Tabby, and Siamese. In addition to the fur texture, the most noticeable aspects of the lingerie are the cat tail that ties to the back of the underwear and the included set of cat ears. The tails tie onto the underwear with silk and match the bows decorating the intimate apparel. The Tabby set even comes with its own choker that resembles a collar.
Kind of tame for Japanese weirdness; I was expect hoping something more like:

For those women interested in exporting this weird Japanese fashion trend to other countries, a set of cat-themed lingerie will cost you around $30. They come in a range of sizes and represent over twelve different cat species. Me-ow.
Wombat-socho has the big "Rule 5 Sunday: Roll Tide!"  post up at the The Other McCain.

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