Friday, September 25, 2015 What Would Putin Do?

The latter question is a shocking one, because it makes you realize that it is inconceivable that a Russian or Iranian or Chinese foreign minister would be as stupid or as careless as Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine if Russia’s Foreign Minister ran official business from an unsecured server in his home, and, confronted by Putin, explained that it was OK because his house had a security guard? Honestly, I doubt that guy would live to see the dawn.

This is one of several reasons why Hillary is not a serious contender for the presidency. But let’s not forget: Barack Obama may be in the process of selling Hillary down the river, but she was his Secretary of State. It is hard to imagine that he was unaware of her lax security practices, and, in any event, he is responsible for the people he chooses for his cabinet. Hillary’s massive security breach is a scandal of the first order that ultimately lies at the feet of President Obama.

The good stuff starts just before 4:00.

FBI confident Clinton emails being recovered
An intelligence source close to the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s server told Fox News that the FBI maintains “the highest degree of confidence” emails are being recovered, adding that “shadows and ghosts” were on the server after messages were deleted.
. . .
The source added the FBI was also seeking to recover malicious code or any other evidence the server had been breached by a foreign government, or foreign government-backed entity.
Speaking to the Des Moines Register editorial board Tuesday, Clinton publicly stated for the first time that her server had not been compromised by a foreign entity, and that her private IT company assured her this was the case.

“There is no evidence that mine ever was,”Clinton told the editorial board. Asked if the assessment was done by the State Department, Clinton said, “No, the technical people who ran it. Who managed it...that was a private company (in Denver).”

In the past, there were multiple reports of the server being off line, or providing slow service.

The intelligence source said, "I would be greatly concerned that the repeated technical problem with the computer were results of someone, (including the possibility of a foreign country), forcing unauthorized access to the server. From what I was told, this is sometimes a symptom of a system that has been compromised."
More Hillary Clinton Email News, More Hillary Clinton Falsehoods
. . . I have no idea what, if anything, investigators will find on Clinton’s server, but the fact that she refused for months to turn it over to investigators suggests that there’s something on it she’d rather not be made public.

But as I have argued before, what matters in this story, at least so far, isn’t the content of the emails; it’s how Clinton has behaved and responded as the story has unfolded.

Instead of being direct and forthcoming, she has responded with arrogance and inaccuracies, repeatedly making claims that simply don’t hold up when examined. The email story, in other words, has shown us how Clinton responds to the sort of basic questioning and scrutiny that she would receive every minute of every day as President of the United States—and that response is revealing, and damning, enough.
Emails to hound Clinton for months
For Team Clinton, it’s become the equivalent of a courtroom quagmire.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is finding it difficult to move past the controversy over her email setup while she was serving as the nation’s top diplomat, in part because of the nearly three-dozen legal challenges related to it.

There are 35 separate, active public records lawsuits against the State Department that deal with the emails of Clinton or her top aides.

The courtroom drama will likely drag on for months, keeping the email issue in the headlines even as Clinton seeks to go on the attack against her 2016 rivals.
. . .

The State Department requested to have 32 of the cases consolidated earlier this month, so that the 17 different judges responsible for them would coordinate their demands and refrain from issuing “a hodgepodge of orders.”
As brought to my attention by Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 09.24.15"FBI Arrests Chinese Millionaire Tied to Past Clinton Scandals
Don’t know about you, but we’re really psyched for another decade of Clinton scandals.
The FBI has arrested a politically prominent Chinese millionaire, the alleged secret source of foreign money in a campaign finance scandal during the Clinton administration, on charges he lied about why he brought more than $4.5 million in cash into the United States over the last two years.
Ng Lap Seng was arrested in New York last weekend by FBI agents working with federal prosecutors assigned to the public corruption squad in the Southern District of New York, according to federal authorities.
His arrest came on the same day the Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Seattle for a state visit to the United States.
In addition to his role as a prominent real estate developer on the gambling center island ofMacau, Ng has close ties to the Chinese government and is listed as a member of a senior advisory group, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.
A criminal complaint against Ng, filed in federal court, described a series of trips Ng made to the U.S., often by private jet, carrying large amounts of cash.
And we’re just positive none of that money ever found its way to the Clintons. They’ll swear to it themselves.
Of course, none of this proves the money was headed for the campaign coffers, but as the fortune cookie might say "Prospects are good."

It turns out that after denying any role in it, SecState Clinton signed off on gal pal Huma Abedin's double dipping federal and private jobs.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton greenlighted paperwork that changed her top aide Huma Abedin’s job status to “special government employee” — a classification that allowed Abedin to work for an outside consulting firm and the Clinton Foundation at the same time she was advising Clinton at State.

According to documents obtained by conservative group Judicial Watch through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, Clinton was the immediate supervisor who approved the title change that came with the new post on March 23, 2012, permitting her then-deputy chief of staff to work several jobs at once.
It sure is good to have friends in high places.

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