Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Went Fishing This Afternoon

Trevor and I took off around 4 PM for an evening fishing trip. We found breakers under birds right off the harbor. We chased them a while, and determined that they were mostly 17 inches, and rode further south.
We rounded the Gas Docks looking for more breaking fish, to no avail, but found them in shallow water south of "Location X".  We stayed in this area catching fish after fish on top water lures. Theses were a mixture of stripers and Blues, with the stripers dominating. Unfortunately, all but one of the stripers were below the new 2015 size limit of 20 inches.
Nice house, great view. They should do something about  the Phragmites in the front yard.
Last sunlight on the Gas Docks.
 Sunset at "Location X".

Home just after dark, after the fish quit biting.

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