Monday, September 14, 2015

Butte Fire Update

Ted and my parents both live in Murphy's, California, currently under threat from the voracious Butte Fire, which has consumed, as of now, something like 71,000 acres. That would be about 3.5 Manhattans for those of you with an East Coast bent. Today, he slowed down enough to write a blog post about it, complete with maps and all:
The fire started Wednesday the 9th, cause unknown, up in Amador County at 2:26PM (I’m sure that means that is when it was first reported) and quickly showed us that its large paws were not just for show. With in 6-7 hours it was over 1,200 acres, and then the next day it got into the kibble.

From my memory, by early Thursday it was somewhere north of 15,000 acres and by Friday at 1300 I was leaving work to pack up and evacuate. As I write this the town of Murphys is still under an “Evacuation’s Advisory” . . .
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Today things are looking up, at least a little:
Today, unlike the last 3 days, there is little smoke and only light ash falling on us, unfortunately the winds have picked up here in Murphys. It seems to be from the South however so that should keep the fire from us even while it feeds it. As long as the wind does not shift we should be OK.

Currently they are calling the fire at 71,063 acres and 30% contained. 135 homes destroyed as well as 79 outbuildings.

Monika and I personally know at least 10 family’s, friends and co-workers mostly, who know that their homes have been destroyed. Several more still don’t know.
Nature doesn't love you or your things.

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