Friday, September 18, 2015

Sept. 18, 2015 Beach Report

We had a chance to get down to the beach this afternoon to catch a low tide.  It's a nice day, warm in the sun, cool in shade, and crisp. Fall, and lack of rain, has the dunes turning brown and crispy.
 "When I itches, I scratches."

We saw eagles and ospreys. I don't know if the Ospreys are local or migrants on their way south. The chicks are grown and flying, and the nests are empty.
The water is clear, and we managed an average shark's tooth hunt, 10 teeth, after a slow start. Despite the great weather, the beach was lightly inhabited.
A 10 mph south wind had a light chop off shore.
Sun bathing days are coming to an end soon, but not yet

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