Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Eat Mo Fish!

 Walleye Pete asked me if I'd go commercial fishing with him today. He expected a rough ride across the bay in NE 15-25 winds, but good fishing along the shoreline on the Eastern Shore. I said yes.  Sunrise at the Honga River Bridge.
 There were no fish at the Honga River Bridge.
So we set off along the shore down past Hoopersville. We ran into our first batch of fish (with seagulls pointing the way) just south of the town. We made a couple of drifts and put a few legal (18+ inch) fish on the boat.
We had good cloud cover most of the day, which is generally better for fishing.
 They may want to move this graveyard soon.

We found a few fish near this cluster of egrets, a mixed group of both Great Egrets (larger with yellow bills and Snowy Egrets (smaller with black bills).

Then we found a whole shitload of fish crashing in shallow water, and I was way too busy to take any more pictures. Suffice it to say, I caught more fish today than I probably have ever caught.  Three of us sent over 150 Striped Bass to market today. Since keepers to total was about 1 to 3, that was a whole lot of fish. . .

Eat Mo Fish!

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