Monday, September 21, 2015

Anorexic Models Lure Little Girls Into. . .

Science: Perfect role models! Glamorous dolls aimed at getting girls interested in maths and science go on sale in the UK
A new range of dolls aimed at getting girls interested in science and maths have been released in the UK.

The toys, which also come with their own Netflix TV show, were launched at a party at London's Science Museum on Saturday.

Featuring the tagline ‘Smart is the New Cool’, Project Mc2 focuses on four young girls described as 'smart, sassy and very stylish'
An example:

It's a classic baking soda and vinegar volcano! Also considered to be the acme of bad science projects back when I was in the business of judging junior high and high school science fairs. Disclaimer, I did a baking soda a vinegar volcano as a science project. I think it was about sixth grade. I wanted real lava but Dad insisted that baking soda and vinegar with red dye #2 was good enough.

Will it be enough to lure little girls into science? I don't know. I had a couple of chemistry sets as a kid, and look how I turned out.

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