Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A New Tooth at the Beach

 Sept. 1 finds the beach warm and humid.
Not too much relief even here, and this exposes you to the Sea Nettles which have come on moderately strong after a very slow start this season.
We had a pretty decent day for shark's teeth, with 21 teeth, including this first for me, a Cow Shark symphyseal tooth. This is the tooth from the exact center of the lower jaw. Sorry about the awful picture.
 The obligatory Osprey shot.
Five flowers growing on the cliff. White Sweet Autumn Virgin's Bower, yellow Evening Primrose, white and yellow Honeysuckle, orange Jewelweed, and red Trumpet vine.
 A close up of the Jewelweed flowers. . .
. . . and the Sweet Autumn Virgin's Bower.
A cloud trying to become a thunderstorm over the Eastern Shore. Only traces on the radar. No rain in sight, and we could use some. The grass and Dogwoods have turned crispy.

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