Friday, August 29, 2014

It Seemed Inevitable

Polygamy effectively decriminalized in Utah as judge strikes down ban in victory for husband and his FOUR wives who appear in TV show ‘Sister Wives’
A judge has ruled that parts of Utah's law banning polygamy are unconstitutional, effectively decriminalizing the practice, in a victory for the family that appears in the reality TV show 'Sister Wives'.

Kody Brown, who stars in the TLC reality show with his four wives, filed a lawsuit against the state after leaving Utah fearing prosecution after the programme aired.

Now a federal judge has issued his final ruling in the case that strikes down parts of the state's anti-polygamy law.
The next question is why one would want multiple wives (or husbands). One is complicated enough. However, if a good looking Russian or Thai women was to volunteer to keep the house. . .?

Under the ruling, multiple marriages were not deemed legal, but the co-habitation with multiple unofficial wives (spouses?) was not to be discriminated against.

I've never been interested enough to watch the show, but it looks like the pro-agonist is more of a hippy than a Mormon. I've always maintained that the problem with polygamist marriages would be how to permit it for hippies and Muslims, and forbid it for Mormons, who are not a favored minority.

What's next? Consensual incest and necrophilia seem like the logical choices, as both are clearly victimless crimes.

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