Friday, August 15, 2014

Wind Power Leads to Ocean Oil Spill

Irony alert – wind turbine involved in petroleum spill at sea

A ship is leaking diesel after crashing into a wind turbine off the coast of Morecambe Bay.

Liverpool Coastguard has been in attendance since just after 9am this morning co-ordinating the recovery of the stricken vessel which collided with part of a turbine at Walney Wind Farm.

OMS Pollux has since been leaking marine gas oil, or diesel.

The Danish-registered vessel, with a crew of around 18 on board, remains afloat and there are no reported injuries.
Looking at the size of those things, it sort of makes you wonder how a ship managed to hit it, but then when you consider all the other kinds of things ships have struck down through history, I guess everything that can happen will happen if you wait around long enough.

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