Friday, August 8, 2014

Obamacare Schedenfreude Special Edition

I suppose I could have held this until tommorrow, but, who knows, tomorrow may not come, in which case I should get it out now.

Ace has a really ace observation on the "missing" HHS emails:
I'm sure their idea is that Republicans are just going to "politicize" the emails, so it's fair to lie and say they've been lost, or to violate the federal records-keeping act and delete them shortly after their writing, to insure they never fall into enemy hands.

Here's the thing: Republicans are going to politicize the emails.

That's the point.

That's what happens in an actual democracy with competing parties vying for public affection.

This is the only thing that keeps either party within a mile of good behavior -- the understanding that if you deceive the public, or act with gross incompetence, that behavior is going to be politicized and used against you.

Consider the example of the various one-party cities in this nation.

Can there be any doubt that "politicization" of one's errors or actual violations is, while annoying for the party who has erred, the only thing that restrains a party from wholesale violations of the public trust?
Just a fair use cut from a much longer piece. READ THE WHOLE THING, DAMMIT! 

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