Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back in the Garden

This afternoon we got back into the garden. The lawn was shaggy after more than a week without mowing, and some of the pots needed some watering.  After mowing the lawn, I went to check out the butterfly garden to see if there were any new visitors.  Well, no, but did find this pair of Zabulon Skippers courting.
 The Zabulons are very common, at least this year and last year, and unlike many skippers, they are very sexually dimorphic.  The males are typical orange skippers, while the females are much darker, with the violet markings on their wings. There were at least two males fighting over this female.
A Snowberry Clear Wing Hummingbird Moth buzzed by, but wasn't impressed by the offerings and didn't stay long.
 A tattered Red Admiral stopped by a couple of times for a sip.
Red Admirals prefer sap flows on trees, fermenting fruit, and bird droppings; visiting flowers only when these are not available. Then they will nectar at common milkweed, red clover, aster, and alfalfa, among others.
And Butterfly Bush, apparently
And a Robber Fly lurks around looking for somebody to grab.

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