Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dark Skies at the Beach

We got a late start to meet the low tide.  It's mild (78 or so) and humid here, under overcast skies, and light, but chop forming east wind. Some thunder was heard in the distance. It's not especially photogenic, but there it is. Still great for August.
 Mr. Lonely out on his post at the start of the walk.
 I got lucky and spotted a new (for me) butterfly. This Appalachian Brown (Satyrodes appalachia) flow off the beach into the Kudzu as we approached. I'll send it to BOMA for ID, for sure, but it's pretty clear from looking at the alternatives.
Patton and his owner approach. We first met Patton back when he was a wee puppy, in February. He's getting upwards of 80 lbs now.
We talked awhile, and Patton got bored and decided to dig a hole to crawl into.
Meanwhile, back on the channel marker, Mr. Lonely is trying to build a nest to attract a mate. Alas, someone from the harbor is likely to come and ruin his efforts. Sorry about the lousy photo.

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