Monday, August 11, 2014

Pismo Pic Dump

Just a few "random" pictures from yesterday. This is a Brown of California Towhee, common in the cliff-side chaparral.
So far, the only non-skipper, non cabbage white butterfly we've seen for the trip. I'm pretty sure it's the regular Painted Lady, and not, as I had hoped the West Coast Painted Lady. Georgia tells me the flower it's on here is Statice.
This is a pan-Northern Hemisphere butterfly which I saw plenty of in the last few years at home, but only one so far this year.
 Just one of many succulents used in the landscaping in this area.
There's lots of neat landscaping around here. It never freezes, so many tropical plants can be grown outdoors here.
 A feral beach chick.
 A flight of Brown Pelicans going past the cliffs
Pismo beach and Pier, seen from the cliff at the edge of our motel

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