Tuesday, November 2, 2021

DIY Election Catchup

Just can't get there, so lets' do it the easy way:

General Election Stuff:

Wisconsin Investigation Uncovers Potential Tip Of A Voting Fraud Iceberg

L.A. Requires More ID To Go Inside Than Georgia Does To Vote By Mail

NBC News Poll: 50 percent of Republicans doubt their vote will be counted accurately

Poll: Republicans with 2020 doubts say they are very likely to vote in 2022 – HotAir

Schumer schedules Senate vote for John Lewis Voting Rights bill - Just The News

Raffensperger: Trump call to "find" votes was a threat – HotAir

Donald Trump Is Now the Odds-On Favorite to Be President in 2025 - The Bulwark

Mike Pompeo Says He'll Run Against Trump in 2024: Haberman

Ace of Spades HQ The Morning Rant – “Show Me The Republican And I’ll Find You The Campaign Finance Violation”

Facebook's fight is really about silencing right-wing voices

Exclusive: Rep. Stefanik Exposes NPR Reporter Campaigning for Dems

The Left Is Gaslighting Us… AGAIN!

Oops! Mandate Mayor Frees Up Thousands of Workers Just in Time to Vote – PJ Media

Althouse: This CNN headline seems like it's trying to portray the Democratic candidate for governor of New Jersey as the underdog: It feels like pre-spinning a feared defeat.

FEC Records Show Eric Swalwell Spending Campaign Funds On Ritzy Steak Houses, Limos, Liquor Delivery App, Casino - The Daily Caller

Never Trumper Adam Kinzinger Says He Won’t Seek Reelection… - Weasel Zippers

Seven races to watch on Tuesday that aren't in Virginia - Washington Examiner

Decision time: Austin defunded police, Proposition A goes up for a vote tomorrow by Austinites – HotAir

BLM Boomerang: Voters get chance to bulk up police after defunding sparked crime wave - Just The News

Roger Stone says he may run for Florida governor if Ron DeSantis does not order election audit - Washington Examiner

Democrats have screwed up everything — stop voting for them!

Jan 6. Nonsense

The January 6 Insurrection Hoax - RealClearPolitics

Althouse: "An 'insurrection,' as the dictionary will tell you, is a violent uprising against a government or other established authority."

Lindsey Graham told police to 'use' their guns against Jan. 6 rioters: 'Take back the Senate!' - Fox News

Tom Elliott on Twitter: "SUPERCUT! @TuckerCarlson’s 1/6 special causes mass triggering before even airing https://t.co/FZGaxfZwpH" - Twitter

WaPost won't publish full Trump response due to 'unrelated, inflammatory claims' - TheHill

Lindsey Graham Reportedly Suggesting Shooting Capitol Mob

Report Reveals What Lindsey Graham Instructed Senate Sergeant-At-Arms To Do During Jan 6 Riot - The Daily Wire

Democrats: If You Disagree With Us, You're An Insurrectionist

Where Are the Real Domestic Terrorists? - American Greatness

Althouse: If that seems crazy, it must not have been an "insurrection."

Pence and top Trump aide clash over Jan. 6 ‘betrayal’ - Washington Examiner

Pence says he looked to James Madison as he certified the 2020 election for Biden - CNNPolitics

Garland and Education Garbage

Loudoun Official Claimed He Might Not Have Seen Email Informing Him Of Sex Assault — Despite Responding To It - The Daily Wire

Loudoun County Officials Likely Lied About Knowledge of Sexual Assault in Restroom – RedState

Mark Levin: Parents being told to 'sit down and shut up' as their children are being brainwashed - Fox News

Juan Williams Claims ‘Parents’ Rights’ Is Code For White Supremacists - The Daily Caller

Parents, Juan Williams Thinks You're Racist – PJ Media

Instapundit - THESE DAYS, WHO ISN’T? Parents, Juan Williams Thinks You’re Racist “If you’re teaching children to…

Has any person ever lost their damned mind more often than Juan Williams? – The Daley Gator


Enrollment decline continues in urban public schools – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman

Instapundit - JAMES HANKINS: We Shouldn’t Let the Education Crisis Go to Waste. The most important factor kee…

Edexit: We Shouldn’t Let the Education Crisis Go to Waste – James Hankins

Garland Attempts to Silence Opponents, but They Will Vote

Staten Island anti-vax protester threatens to burn schools and town halls over vaccine mandate - The Washington Post

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