Sunday, November 7, 2021

Norfolk Not Drowning from Climate Change

 WUWT, No, Roanoke Times, Climate Change Is Not To Blame for Virginia Beach’s Flooding

A Google news search of the term “climate change” turns up a recent story in the Roanoke Times claiming human caused climate change is causing increased incidences of flooding in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This is false. Flooding may be worsening in Virginia Beach, and human activities may be contributing to it, but research indicates a climate change induced increase in the rate of sea level rise is not to blame.

A story, titled “Virginia Beach confronts inescapable costs of rising seas,” discusses a $568 million bond issue being proposed to improve infrastructure and lessen future damage from flooding in the region. If voter don’t approve the bond, the story warns “the city could lose billions of dollars in the next half-century as recurrent flooding inundates roads, businesses and homes.”

The Roanoke Times the proceeds to incorrectly attribute the danger of recurrent future flooding in Virginia Beach to climate change induced rising seas.

“The referendum underscores the mounting costs of adapting to climate change for U.S. cities,” writes the Roanoke Times. “The need for money to protect communities against climate change is growing across the globe ….”

Data show seas are not rising at an unusual rate in the Chesapeake Bay region where Virginia Beach is located.

As discussed in a recent Climate Realism article, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has maintained a tidal gauge at Sewell’s Point in Norfolk since the 1920s. The tidal records, as shown in the NOAA graph below, show the pace of sea-level rise remains the same now as it was 100 years ago – when there was minimal human-emitted carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Between the WaPoo, and the rest of the articles reported by the Chesapeake Bay Program, I could probably do this post once or twice a week. Newspapers, and the MSM is devoted to the idea that if they shout the lie loud enough, and often enough, they can scare enough people in to supporting their pro-regulation and  anti-growth policies. Sadly, it's working.

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  1. The underlying point of the matter is the political grift that supersedes all logic and common sense. Thanks to the unthinking masses.