Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Election: More Georgia Ballot Shenanigans

We have Georgia on our minds. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed, Georgia Governor Releases More Evidence That 2020 Ballots Were Miscounted. Remember those videos of the same pile of ballots being counted and recounted?

Kemp’s letter, while damning, doesn’t do justice to how troubling the “36 inconsistencies” uncovered are. Those inconsistencies are not conflicts relating to 36 different votes, but to 36 different categories of votes. Among other things, the analysis originally undertaken by Rossi, and then confirmed by Kemp’s office, revealed that the audit report included duplicates for 20 groups of votes.

Fox,  NYC may soon let 800,000 non-US citizens vote, "Bill calls for allowing legal residents and others to vote in city elections" and at Da Fed, NYC Is About To Let 800K Noncitizen Immigrants Vote In Its Elections. . We know they would never let a few vote in the national elections, right? "No border, no wall, No USA at all"

Althouse notices Politico noticing "Trump’s shadow campaign... recently polled Trump-Biden matchups in the five states, all of which were decided in 2020 by fewer than 3 percentage points.". At the Battleswarm Blog, Larry is  Pumping The Brakes On That “Natural Democratic Majority”. Ned Ryun at Am Great  notes When Democratic Policies Collide With Reality, "One feels a massive red tsunami is coming and Democrats only have themselves and their idiotic policies to blame." Newt Gingrich gleefully warns The Voter Tsunami Begins to Drown Democrats. At Ace's Dave in Fla foresees Looming Losses for House Democrats

After stealing the election, they really thought that the policies they were going enact would result in economic improvement, and that the world would settle down and love us. And the voters would then forget about 2020 and just return to pre-2016 voting patterns. To be fair, the voters were willing to do so, all the Biden Administration had to do was continue the Trump policies. Instead, they botched Afghanistan, we have unprecedented inflation, never ending COVID emergencies, massive supply chain disruption, and vaccine mandates threatening the jobs of millions right before Christmas.

Even the Never Trump neocons thought Democrat policies would lead to prosperity and peace.

We are ruled by idiots.

And in the Senate, where a single loss counts more, The Arizona Sun Times has a Poll that Shows Senator Mark Kelly’s Approval Ratings Underwater, and there ain't a lot of water in AZ. 

But at WaPoo, Amber Lewis his The Fix, What Democrats need to do to maintain power in 2022. "1. President Biden needs to be more popular . . . 2. The economy needs to improve, crime needs to go down, and the border crisis needs to be mitigated. . . .3. They need to pivot their messaging to the economy. . . 4. Democrats need to fight Republican-influenced redistricting"

NBC 4 (DC), Proud Boys Leader Denied Early Release From DC Jail, "Enrique Tarrio argued for home detention because of conditions at the jail", basically medieval stuff.

Enrique Tarrio is serving a five-month sentence for stealing and burning a Black Lives Matter banner from a D.C. church in December. The incident occurred amid a series of violent demonstrations and protests.

Tarrio pleaded guilty and has been serving his time in the D.C. jail’s central detention facility, where U.S. marshals recently conducted an inspection and reported substandard conditions, including standing sewage, water problems and some retaliation against inmates by staff.

The Peacock,  Leaders of pro-Trump groups Oath Keepers, Proud Boys subpoenaed in Jan. 6 Capitol riot probe. Remember the Lois Lerner trick. Stand up, say you're innocent, and then plead the 5th. On the other hand, since some of them (Stuart Rhodes, for example) may be FBI stoolies, a good grilling could be useful. But we can be sure Kinzinger and Cheney won't ask such questions. Politico whines Bannon indictment does little to jumpstart Jan. 6 committee's subpoena talks with top targets

And this fills us with confidence that the investigation is on the up and up, Insty, FAKE IT TIL’ YOU MAKE IT: 

Perhaps Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) has been taking legal lessons from the same crew who ginned up the “Steele Dossier” to get FISA warrants used against Carter Page, et. als. JustTheNews has a blockbuster report out this morning, where the journalists used cellphone and toll booth records to prove that Rep. Thompson’s signed subpoena was based in part on a wholly fabricated source.

The Jan. 6 commission in Congress made headlines when it issued a subpoena citing “credible evidence” that on the day before the Capitol riot, former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik attended a meeting at the Willard Hotel in Washington where Trump advisers discussed how to overturn the November 2020 election. The subpoena was supported by a citation to Bob Woodward’s book “Peril.”

Except for one eensie weensie minor detail:
Kerik was 300 miles away in the New York City area on Jan. 5, 2021, according to his own car’s toll booth records reviewed by Just the News. He left Washington the night of Jan. 4 and did not return until the morning of the riots, according to Kerik’s own account at a speech this weekend in Chicago. And that book by Woodward? It makes no claim about Kerik attending a meeting at the Willard on Jan. 5. In fact, the book doesn’t even mention the former NYPD commission once in its 482 pages.
Reporter John Solomon went as far as fact-checking with Woodward himself. Maybe Thompson had a different edition? Maybe Solomon was missing something? Nope . . . 

TNP,  REVEALED: Jan 6 Commission FABRICATED Whereabouts of Willard Hotel ‘War Room’ Attendee in Subpoena, Evidence Shows, "Evidence has revealed the January 6th Commission is lying in its subpoenas to leading right-wing figures." And a follow up from John Solomon at JTN, Jan. 6 panel Democrats admit blunder, as false accusation emboldens GOP. Now a privilege fight looms, "Committee admits error in subpoena letter to Bernard Kerik, whose lawyer asks for more time to address Trump attorney-client privilege issues". WaPoo, House Jan. 6 committee intensifies focus on law enforcement failures that preceded Capitol attack. "The FBI did not comment."

Atop Da Hill, Bret Baier confirms his 'concerns' about Tucker Carlson's Jan. 6 documentary. How about his concerns about the Steele Dossier? Yahoo! Jonah Goldberg whines I left Fox News after 12 years. Tucker Carlson's 'Patriot Purge' was the final straw, but as we saw yesterday, there's a different side of the story, from Nick Arama at Red State, Turns out There Was More Behind That 'Never Trumpers Quit Fox Over Tucker' Story

However, as with anything about the Never Trump grift, it’s never quite what it seems. It turns out there was a little more behind the story, as a Fox executive revealed. He said “the network had no intention of re-signing Steve Hayes or Jonah Goldberg when their contracts came up in 2022.”

Scott McKay at Am Spec,  Addition by Subtraction at Fox News, "Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg won’t be missed." I used to think Jonah was a thoughtful guy, but Trump just plain drove him nuts. 

Tyler O'Neil at Fox, Loudoun County sheriff says school district enabled second sexual assault, "The superintendent had accused the sheriff's office of breaking the law"

WND on FBI raiding "America's Mom", So it begins: FBI raids home of mom who protested school board, "At home with 3 children when federal agents demanded entry." A broken door, but no charges filed.

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