Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Election 2021: Youngkin Beats McAuliffe Like a Rented Mule

Jason Miyares, Glenn Youngkin and Winsome Sears
Or like a Red-headed stepchild? But first, as of yesterday afternoon, Stacy McCain was still worried, Virginia: ‘Too Close to Call’? BREAKING UPDATE: Youngkin Wins!.So much for Biden: We're going to win tonight in Virginia (AllahPundit at Haut Hair). I know, that kind of spoils the surprise. WaPoo whines Glenn Youngkin wins Va. governor’s race. "Reeling Democrats see threat to House and Senate control as Republicans crack their 2020 coalition."  PJ Media, Virginia Election Results Are In. Cutie Pavlich at Town Hall, BREAKING: Republicans Sweep Virginia Election; 'It's a Bloodbath'. Ace, in Red Font, Decision Desk, Redistrict Call Virginia for Youngkin and then in red, all caps, italicized, and with a flaming skull eating pudding, YOUNGKIN WINS; LEFT AND NEVERTRUMP (BUT I REPEAT MYSELF) IN FULL FAT EMO SELF-CUTTING MODE. Atop da Hill, Republicans poised to sweep Virginia, stunning Democrats. Center Square, GOP's night? Youngkin wins Virginia governor's race; Ciattarelli, Murphy in virtual tie in NJ "Minneapolis voters overwhelmingly reject effort to defund the police; Shockingly close race for NJ governor." PM, BREAKING: Glenn Youngkin wins governor's race in Virginia. Da Wire, Republican Glenn Youngkin Wins Governor’s Race In Virginia, Experts Project. And Finally, sundance at CTH, Republican Glenn Youngkin WINS in Virginia  - Republican Also Winning in NJ at Midnight, "DC is shook…." Rick Moran at PJ Media, The Morning Briefing: GOP Diversity Ticket Trounces Racist CRT Dems in Virginia, noting that Youngkin appears to have pulled along Black Lt. Governor candidate (Winsome Sears) as well as an Hispanic AG candidate Jason Miyares.

And it wouldn't be an election without some hanky-panky, some attempted voter suppression. Somewhere in the middle of the day, from JTN, Virginia GOP: Voters incorrectly being told at polling locations masks must be worn to vote. Red State, Reports of Virginia Voter Suppression Surface as People Turned Away From Polls Over Not Wearing Masks,   Paula Bolyard at PJ Media, Virginia Voters Denied Entry to Polling Place for Refusing to Mask (But No ID, No Problem).

According to a directive from the DoE, that shouldn’t be happening:
Can we require a voter to wear a mask? No, we are encouraging voters to bring masks if they must show up in-person to vote. However, if someone is not wearing a face covering you may not turn him or her away. You may offer the voter curbside voting or offer them a face covering if you have any extra available. You cannot turn a voter away because they refuse to use a mask.

 Ace, in red italics, Democrats Suppressing Republican Vote in Virginia By Illegally Turning Away Voters For Not Wearing Masks

You are not required to wear a mask to vote.

But Democrat polling officials have adopted the tactic of refusing to allow non-masked people to vote, knowing, of course, that all leftwing Karens wear masks, and right-leaning non-Karens tend to not wear masks.

This is illegal, and they're stealing the election right now.

Later, in  Quick Hits: BREAKING: The Youngkin legal team with a victory on the mask issue. They obtained this directive, sent to all election officials. NO ONE can be turned away for not wearing a mask. But we don't know how many votes they succeeded in turning away, do we? Not enough, apparently. There was also an election machine "glitch" in electoral giant Fairfax county, causing a need to rescan the ballots, delaying the reporting, and leading some to worry that they were stalling to figure out how many McAuliffe votes they needed to find. Paula Bolyard again, Welp, We've Already Got Problems in Fairfax County, Virginia. John Sexton at Haut Hair, Youngkin performing well but Fairfax County needs to 'rescan' votes. Maybe Republican poll watchers prevented a bit of foul play here.

Hayden Ludwig at Da Fed worried that Democrats Are Using The Same 2020 Election Shenanigans To Overtake Virginia This Year. The election was beyond the margin of fraud. The night before the election, Media Salivate Over Another Likely Racial Hoax at Glenn Youngkin's Massive Final Rally. AllahPundit wonders Was the guy in the Confederate flag jacket at Youngkin's rally last night a plant? It should be assumed until proven otherwise. Hate is so much in demand, that people have to fill it. Also Allah, McAuliffe's closing message: A blatant lie about Youngkin and Trump. From Cutie Pavlich, McAuliffe Staffers Embarrass Themselves with Failed Attempt to Get Someone Arrested.

And now comes the best part, recriminations! Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.02.21. JD Davidson at Da Fed, It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins In Virginia, Democrats Have Already Lost. At WaEx, Virginia Republican upset points to a troubling 2022 for Democrats. Matt Yglesias downplays the consequences Virginia’s Election Will Reverberate … in Virginia. But from Bongino on Rumble, VP Harris: "What Happens in Virginia... Will Determine 2022, 2024, and On". From her lips to God's ears. At Politico, Not it: Democrats dodge blame for stalled agenda as McAuliffe teeters, "None wants to be seen as the problem child if the party’s electoral prospects plummet this week. So they're insisting it's time to move ahead." Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Carville: Blame Beltway Dems if McAuliffe loses today. At WaPoo, Democrats fret about an enthusiasm gap in Virginia’s gubernatorial contest. Fox, McAuliffe’s decision to have Weingarten speak at rally mocked by Republicans, "Virginia gubernatorial race is seen as referendum on Biden presidency." Matt Welch at Reason, Virginia Governor Race Is an Education Policy Wake-Up Call That Democrats (and the Media) Won't Heed, "Calling voters racist is an odd closing argument, let alone an effective response to concerns over schools."

Good Job, Virginia!

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