Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Election Dump: QAnon Shaman Plans Appeal

We'll start with Jan. 6 fallout, that seems to be the 'freshest' news. From atop Da Hill, 'QAnon Shaman' hires new lawyers, may seek appeal of three year sentence for nonviolent occupation at the Capital. Yeah, he pretty much got screwed, but by dressing that way, he was kind of begging to be noticed. Contrast with the case of the Antifa who busted down a Republican Senator's door, Nick Arama at Red State, Antifa Man Gets Outrageous Sentence After Ax Attack on GOP Senator's Office. Probation and a fine, probably not enough to cover the damage. And he got his axe back.

A movie review from Patricia McCarthy at Am Think, Capitol Punishment - The film every American must see

Also at WaPoo, ‘Welcome to our world’: Muslims see disparities and dangers in Jan. 6 probe. So one injustice deserves another? When does that end.
Largely because of differences in how the law treats foreign vs. domestic terrorism cases, the defendants who were filmed battering Capitol police officers are expected to receive less time in prison than Muslims who were prosecuted on nonviolent charges of providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization — offenses such as sending money to fighters overseas or making travel plans to join them.

Capt. Ed at Haut Hair has The latest dump-Kamala "nuclear option" rumor -- excuse me, rumour. From Charles Lipson at Spectator World, Voters are saying ‘no’ but Biden isn’t listening "Could the message to politicians be any clearer? Any louder?" If an old politician knows anything at all he knows political attention spans are short. If they weren't Joe wouldn't be Preznit. Althouse, "But what Biden knows, after three-plus decades of being politically left for dead, is that nothing’s over just because a bunch of unnamed staffers who spend too much time reading polls say it’s over."

"He knows from experience that the more monolithic and reflexive the popular wisdom, the more likely it will be proved wrong. Does Biden run again? Personally, I’ve always thought he was most likely a one-term, stabilizing president, and I don’t really believe he has made up his mind to seek another term. But it’s early yet, and I’m pretty sure Biden won’t be spooked into accepting everybody else’s idea of political reality."

From "Panicked Democrats are ready to shove Biden aside. Again" by Matt Bai (WaPo).

At Da Caller, an EXCLUSIVE POLL: Majority Of Americans Say Biden Is To Blame For Divided America. Well, I don't know, but he's certainly contributed his share and more. FiveThirtyEight tries to calculate why Why Crime Likely Won’t Be An Issue In The 2022 Midterms. I think they're wrong. Chris Queen at PJ Media reports Gonzales Lays the Border Crisis Blame at Democrats' Feet, where it belongs. 

WaPoo whines about how Trump allies work to place supporters in key election posts across the country, spurring fears about future vote challenges. I thought they were in favor of citizen involvement. I guess they only want their supporters in position to rig elections. John Solomon at JTN recounts how Trump-endorsed challenger seeks to paint Liz Cheney as swamp creature, Wyoming carpetbagger, "Lawyer Harriet Hageman using Cheney decision to drop from Natural Resources Committee as point of attack." Well, she is. She was raised in DC and rarely visits Wyoming. Without a seat she will gladly abandon the state for DC politics. 

"We do not have a representative on the Natural Resource Committee, because Liz Cheney chose to go on the Armed Services Committee. And while that may benefit Virginia, it doesn't do a doggone thing for the state of Wyoming."

Maybe the Klain/Biden administration will put her in charge of the coast defense of Wyoming. 

WaPoo worries,  With eye to Tuesday and next year, Atlanta Democrats worry about voter turnout, which is why Omicron will prompt new demands for liberal mail-in voting policies around the nation.

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