Friday, November 5, 2021

Elections: Time to Scrub the Blood off the Decks

Between fishing yesterday, and stuff I collected the day before, the decks are just covered in slime and blood. The only way to get rid of it all is a good old hose down and scrubbing. But first to acknowledge where a lot of this came from, points to JJ Sefton  at Aces for  The Morning Report - 11/4/21 and The Morning Report - 11/5/21 and Wombat-socho at the Other McCain for In The Mailbox: 11.03.21 and In The Mailbox: 11.04.21

On the The Virginia Debacle (for Democrats)

Terry McAuliffe concedes to Glenn Youngkin in Virginia governor’s race | 8News

Glenn Youngkin Cruises to Upset Victory, Ending Clinton Era – PJ Media

Another American Revolution in Virginia | Frontpagemag

Red Flag Law Opponent Winsome Sears Wins Virginia Lt. Gov. Race

Youngkin’s Win May Save the Land of the Free and the Home of the Braves - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Virginia Dem Caught Hours Before Election Driving on Suspended License To Steal Campaign Signs

POLITICO Playbook: Let the Democratic freakout begin - POLITICO

At Youngkin HQ, a Hat Tip to Harnessed Parent Anger | RealClearPolitics

It’s Happening: Here Are the Best Meltdowns From MSNBC Prime Time | Newsbusters

Biden Won't Take Calls From McAuliffe After "Bloodbath" In Virginia

Biden Predicted Victory in Virginia... With a Catch – PJ Media

Glenn Youngkin Defeated Terry McAuliffe Because Democrats Betrayed Parents -

Ace of Spades HQ - Clinton Bagman and Scumbag Terry McAuliffe Concedes Race

Opinion | Youngkin just handed Republicans their 2022 blueprint - The Washington Post

Joy Reid explains: Youngkin relied on "willfully ignorant white people" to win, you know – HotAir

‘They’ve learned nothing’: Conservative mama bear’s must-read thread features some of the most egregious cries of ‘racism’ over Glenn Youngkin’s win –

No, Glenn Youngkin won’t be the ‘most homophobic’ governor ‘in Virginia history’ | Washington Examiner

Organizer of tiki hate hoax claims it wasn't meant to fool anyone, but there's a problem – HotAir

General Election Stuff

Minneapolis Doesn’t Abolish Its Police Department | Power Line

2021 New Jersey Election Results - The New York Times

In The Mailbox: 11.02.21 : The Other McCain

Dem disaster: Did they lose ... *New Jersey*? – HotAir

Why The Wisconsin Elder-Fraud Voting Story Has National Implications

GOP challenger Jack Ciattarelli in dead heat with Gov. Phil Murphy

Republicans made incredible gains in yesterday’s elections - American Thinker

Republicans Rejoice over Ohio Special Election Win

Minneapolis Votes 'No' to Abolish Police Despite Ilhan Omar's Support

Mayoral Candidates Turn Backs To Black Lives Matter Movement, Promise ‘Law And Order’ | The Daily Caller

Poll: Over One-Third View Tuesday's Elections as 'Referendum' on Biden

What You Should Know About Democrat Election Lawyer Marc Elias

‘Surprising and Scary’: Federal Election Commission Allows Foreign Funding Of American Ballot Initiatives: Report | The Daily Wire

Jennifer Granholm Violated Hatch Act in Maine Elections, Watchdog Says

ANALYSIS: Ten Take-Aways From 'Blood Bath' GOP Victories Last Night

Backfire: Minneapolis voters slam abolish-the-police proposal -- and city council – HotAir

Another Shocking Victory Happened in Texas Last Night and Suggests 2022 Doom for Democrats – RedState

Midterm Election Disaster: Will the Democrats Ever Learn? – PJ Media

Instapundit » Blog Archive » HECKUVA JOB, JOEY: Come see the racism inherent in voting for the [checks notes] gun-…


In Seattle, a Republican appears to have won the race for City Attorney – HotAir

Virginia Election Proves Democrats’ Culture War Isn’t Working | National Review

5 things we learned from Republicans’ big night - POLITICO

Election irregularities, election fraud, past and present – The New Neo

Hispanic vote migrating to GOP must terrify Dems - American Thinker

Sheriff Calls For Felony Charges Against Wisconsin Election Commissioners

Wisconsin Could Have Counted Enough Illegal Votes To Tip 2020 To Biden

Lawsuit Filed Against Michigan After 25,000+ Suspected Dead Voters Found on Rolls

Jan 6.

Tucker Carlson Hits Lindsey Graham for Demanding Murder of Jan 6th Protestors

The Injustices Facing J6 Protesters Are Warnings to You › American Greatness

D.C. Jail Transfers Out 400 Prisoners for Disgusting, Inhumane Conditions—But Not a Single J6 Detainee – PJ Media


1 year later, GOP still chained to Trump's baseless election fraud claims - POLITICOTen Months Later › American Greatness

Merrick Garland, Lounden County and Education

Mother of Loudoun County Bathroom Rapist Blames Victim: 'You're 15. You Can Reasonably Defend Yourself'

Yes, It's Fair To Frame The Loudoun County Rape As A 'Cautionary Tale'

Critical Race Theory vs. The Unwoke Tattletales | The Political Hat

BREAKING: House Republicans Request All Documents Concerning DOJ Targeting of Concerned Parents – PJ Media

‘If These Issues Can Arise Here, They Can Occur Anywhere’: Teachers Break Down How Virginia Became The Ground Zero In The Education Culture War | The Daily Caller

Democrats Are Teaching Our Kids That Communism Is Normal – PJ Media

GOP Reps To US Attorneys: How Did You Act On Garland's Anti-Parent Memo?

The Pernicious Racism of 'Anti-Racism' | Frontpagemag

KinderCare Wants Parents To Talk About ‘Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion’ At Home With Their Six-Week-Old Children | The Daily Caller

Virginia Governor Race and School Closures | National Review

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