Sunday, November 28, 2021

Thanksgiving Sunday Election Coverage

A gratefully short and scattered edition in the wake of the extended Thanksgiving holiday.

Democrat woes continue as Biden's Approval Rating Below That of Least Popular Governor, GOP Has Nine Out of 10 Most Popular Governors (Landon Mion at Town Hall). Yeah, but counting Hogan (MD) as a Republican governor is a little dicey. The NYT (cited at Haut Hair) whines that Dems struggle to energize their base as frustrations mount in NYT newsrooms, despite their best efforts to put lipstick on those pigs. According to NewsSpeak, Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama Lead Democrats' 2024 Field If Joe Biden Doesn't Run: Poll, but let's face it, Michelle is perfectly happy to be the queen in exile, and Harris excites only a small number of Democrats if that, which is why the "wokeists" in the party are pushing Buttigeig. Katherine Doyle at WaEx, Democrats' 2024 three-step: Biden won't budge, Harris twists, and Buttigieg waits. He might actually try to accomplish something while he waits. But then, what he would see as an accomplishment would be to America's detriment, so stay at home with the baby, please. Lincoln Mitchell opines from CNN, Harris and Buttigieg could be allies instead of rivals. I find it hard to find a better Democrat team for Republicans than Harris/Buttigieg, unless maybe, Sanders/Warren. Ross Douhat, NYT's conservative in a golden cage says Republicans have a golden opportunity. They'll probably blow it. Sadly he may be right, but probably not for the reasons he espouses. 

From across da pond, Da Guardian opines Democrats need to admit that inflation is real – or voters will turn on them.

Also from CNN, Harry Enten is concerned about How anti-Trump conservatives have fled Fox News. I guess they'll have to take refuge at CNN until it fails. And speaking of anti-Trump "conservatives", from Fox, The Pedo Lincoln Project's desire for Trump to run again leaves observers disgusted, surprised: 'Utterly desperate' "Former executive director of Lincoln Project blasts group: 'Their greed and desire to be relevant supersedes what is best for America'" Really, he's their only reason for existence, and that good George Soros money they get. Quite possibly the shortest transition from cause to business to scam ever.

When Trump was president, times were good for the Lincoln Project. It brought in $90 million in 2020, winning media adoration and Democratic accolades for its trolling ads and vitriolic anti-Republican commentary. That former GOP hatchet men were working to oust a sitting GOP president delighted the liberal press to no end, but despite its ostensible commitment to more Bush-era Republicanism, it raised eyebrows as it tried to oust even moderates like Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine.

Since the calendar flipped and Biden took office, it's been a nightmarish year. The Lincoln Project was left humiliated by Weaver's resignation over his yearslong online harassment of young gay men, reports that higher-ups knew of the allegations months before they were claimed, accusations of financial mismanagement and a toxic work environment, and a nasty split with lone female co-founder Jennifer Horn culminating in the publication of her private messages with a reporter.

Then came its thud last month in the Virginia governor's race, when it admitted to orchestrating a widely panned race hoax meant to liken Youngkin supporters to tiki torch-wielding White supremacists. The stunt was blasted across the political spectrum, with the Charlottesville (Va.) City Council and the Terry McAuliffe campaign both condemning its actions, and Youngkin went on to victory the following week. Even Schmidt distanced himself from the disaster, calling his own organization "recklessly stupid."

Meanwhile the AP is pushing Chris Christie aims to shape future for GOP and for himself. It's gonna require a big shove. 

And in fight over education, Breitbart reports Armed Agents in Texas School District Arrest Concerned Parents in Their Own Homes

Two fathers, Jeremy Story and Dustin Clark, had spoken out against the school board’s “alleged corruption and school officials’ hostility toward parents.” In August, while “produc[ing] evidence that the board had covered up an alleged assault by the superintendent, Hafedh Azaiez, against a mistress,” Story, a minister, was cut off midsentence as Azaiez ordered armed officers to remove him from the premises, according to Chronicles Magazine.

At issue in the next meeting was the district’s mask mandate. For this, Clark, a retired Army captain, and other parents sought to speak, but instead, the school board “locked the majority of parents out of the room, preventing them from speaking.” According to Rufo, while the parents were asking the school board to open the room for public comment on a major policy item, “school board president Amy Weir directed officers to remove Clark from school property.”

“As he was dragged out by two officers, Clark shouted to the audience: ‘It’s an open meeting! Shame on you. Communist! Communist! Let the public in!'” Rufo explained.

RRISD has it’s own police force, Rufo said, explaining: “with a three-layer chain of command, patrol units, school resource officers, a detective, and a K-9 unit.” And only a few days after Clark’s removal from school board premises, the school district “sent police officers to the homes of both men [Story and Clark], arrested them, and put them in jail on charges of ‘disorderly conduct with intent to disrupt a meeting.'” They were released the next morning.

According to Rufo, many parents believe the school board is trying to send a message: “if you speak out against us, we will turn you into criminals.”

Also from Landon Mion at Town Hall, Fairfax Schools Announce Reinstatement of Two Pornographic Books Despite Parental Pushback. It's an aspect of the "liberal ratchet;" once a liberal policy is adopted, their very resistant to being revoked. The "porn" is grandfathered in, and any attempt to remove it is deemed censorship, while the school will exclude any books from a conservative point of vies on the basis of "inclusivity" because it might hurt a liberal's students feelings, or actually make them think. 

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