Monday, November 8, 2021

Election: A Hodge Podge of Links

A bit of the Youngkin/McAuliffe race to whet the appetite. From NYPo, Salena Zito says Virginia election proves voters are sick of hearing about Donald Trump

McAuliffe’s strategy of focusing on COVID, Trump, Trump and Trump was wildly out of touch. He and his fellow Democrats missed the most fundamental thing about human behavior, which is that people always vote looking forward. What matters is their lives, their children’s lives, their grandchildren’s lives and their community — not what happened yesterday.

Monica Cline at Town Hall, Families Were the Reason Virginia Turned Red, Hence, the Democrat war on the family. AllahPundit at Haut Hair has the sads as Suburban moms in Virginia tell CNN why they flipped from Biden to Youngkin

As grim as this clip is for Democrats, it might reassure them to learn that all of these women were single-issue voters last week. If Dems can pivot on that issue — school closures — then in theory these votes are back in play.

But I don't trust CNN to assemble a representative panel. 

Bernard Goldberg on Da Hill calls Winsome Sears The latest Black conservative to make liberals nervous. I would point out that she has nothing to do with education. 

WaPoo, Virginia Gov.-elect Youngkin’s underaged son tried to vote in Tuesday’s election, elections officials said, but admitted he didn't vote, and no crime was committed. Well, they admire kids who get active in politics, right?  This all prompted Dick Hall-Sizemore at Bacon's Rebellion to write Election Integrity? Not a Problem Now. We Won.

Nicholas Ballasy at JTN sees Biden, Democratic leaders continue moving left despite Virginia election loss. Salena Zito again, this time at WaEx, The voters revolt against our cultural curators, again. The people are revolting! Althouse cites her approvingly in "I have argued for years that the conservative-populist coalition was born in 2008 when John McCain became the Republican nominee."

 At NYT, (cited at Haut Hair), worries Dems thought they had bottomed out in rural white America. They hadn't while David French, What Virginia taught America about "the new politics of abortion". Very little, I suspect. 

Regarding the New Jersey races, Dem Who Lost to NJ Truck Driver Shows Just What a Sore Loser He Is, He's still hoping for enough ballots to fall of the back of a truck to win. It's New Jersey; it might happen. And at Da Mail, Gov. Phil Murphy claims Dems 'might've been swept away' if it wasn't for his progressive NJ agenda and says he's 'screaming out' for DC to pass Build Back Better Act after narrow election win over GOP challenger

From Mediaite, Chuck Todd Warns Democrats Are in ‘Grave Danger’ of Losing Congress in 2022. I hope so. Seeing the handwriting on the wall, Nearly a dozen House Democrats won't run for re-election, signaling midterm fears. Yahoo! And at USA Today, a Gloomy landscape for Democrats in midterms as Biden's approval drops to 38% in USA TODAY/Suffolk poll. They say that like it's a bad thing. 

On the other hand, NYT (cited at Haut Hair) whines that Republicans, basking in victories, diverge on what comes next. At Fox, Dan Bongino provides roadmap for Republican candidates in Democrat-leaning states

Step one: Run up the score in rural counties. Listen, if you live in a rural county, they don’t respect you, the left. They call you the smelly Walmart people. You’ve seen it. But you’re the real Americans putting food on the table – the farmers, the truckers. It’s you.

Second, stay laser-focused on local issues, in swing counties. … While Youngkin was laser-focused on local issues that mattered, like education, mattered to real people on the ground, [Terry] McAuliffe was focused on what? He was focused on Mar-a-Lago or something.

Third, you have to highlight the Democrats' failures and minimize the damage in urban areas, many that lean Democrat. … Folks, it matters. We’ve got to win. The strategy is crystal clear.

And lastly, when your enemy is destroying itself, please, please don’t get in the way.

Similar advice from Newt,  2021 Lessons for Republicans

Run everywhere . . . Focus on real life . . . The 30/70 Imperative
Republicans must spend no more than 30 percent of their time discrediting and repudiating Big Government Socialism. At least 70 percent of their time must be spent advocating positive solutions – in terms people understand – that will improve Americans’ lives and their family’s lives.

Be not afraid . . . They are still wrong about Donald Trump

Benjamin Yount at JTN reports Wisconsin election commissioners to respond to stinging audit in December, "Commission chairman vows to correct “some misconceptions and misunderstandings” in recent audit." Din't do nuffin'!

The audit found 30 areas of concern for the WEC, and made 18 suggestions for lawmakers to pursue in the future.

The audit pointed to new voter registrations that didn’t match Wisconsin’s driver license information, old and out-of-date voter roll audits, and thousands of voters who were registered at least twice in the state.

Wolfe said commissioners will decide which issue they want to take-on first.

“We plan to present our analysis to Commissioners at their Dec. 1 meeting in order for them to decide which of the report’s recommendations we should address, which ones should take priority and which ones deserve an official correction,” Wolfe said.

The audit prompted dozens of Republican lawmakers to call for Wolfe to resign.

The Texas Trib, Justice Department sues Texas over new voting law, targeting restrictions on mail-in ballots and voter assistance. At Am Think, Rebecca Behrends, reports a GOP Poll Worker in 2020 Detroit: 'They Treated Me Like a Criminal!' and also at Am Think, James Arlenson, The Big Truth: Election 2020 Really Was Rigged

Mary Papenfuss at HuffPo, Trump Ally Roger Stone Issues Threat To Ron DeSantis If He Tries Running For President. Awe, c'mon Roger, lighten up!

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