Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Beach Report 11/10/21 - Fall is Fell

Fall is well and truly underway here in Southern Maryland. This wouldn't be your go to area for seeing fall color. We have a good variety, with yellow oaks, orange hickories, red maples, and gums (not to mention the omnipresent Poison Ivy and Virginia Creeper), but it's rather spread out in time.
But we're getting pretty close to the peak.
Some Japanese Maples (are we allowed to call them that still?) that we pass along the way to the beach. 

Long shadows on the beach, even if you get there pretty early. It was another nearly perfect day, 70 ish, clear and not windy. We have a lot of debris washing up, probably from the storm a week or so ago, but also, just because it's Fall.
Georgia and Skye lead the way home as I dawdle looking for teeth. We got over 30 today, some nice, none awesome.
The Qian Kun, a Chinese general cargo ship, on the way up to Baltimore. Who knows what it's carrying, Christmas, maybe? A couple crab pots in the foreground show that crabbing is not yet done for the year.
The dunes have all but browned out, not to be green again until spring is well along.

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