Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Election: Made On Wednesday

First some news from the Center Square, Virginia House Dems concede loss of majority to Republicans 

"As the final absentee ballots were counted Friday, Virginia House Democrats conceded they lost the chamber’s majority to Republicans.

Republicans held on to all 45 of their seats and flipped seven Democrat-held seats to gain a 52-48 majority. Republicans claimed victory Wednesday, but Democrats waited until the final absentee ballots trickled in before conceding some of the closer races.

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.09.21, The Lid takes note that Democrat Led Michigan Refuses To Remove 25,000 Dead People From Voter Rolls "A Few Even Registered AFTER They Died." Hey, you never know when they might come in handy. Star News announces Bill to Require Post-Election Audits in Pennsylvania Advances with Support of Philadelphia Democrat. Bipartisan, using the usual media meaning. Natalia Mittelstadt at JTN reports Watchdog group says 2020 ballot images destroyed in 74 Georgia counties, "Ballot images are crucial for election records and required by both federal and state law to be retained for 22 months and 24 months, respectively." And Star News again, More Than 70 Georgia Counties Can’t Produce Original 2020 Election Ballot Images, Says Election Integrity Group. I'm not sure Hanlon's Razor, "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" can be used anymore. At Am Think, Jack Cashill recalls My Ringside Seat on a Crooked New Jersey Election.

Speaking of New Jersey, and also by way of the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.09.21, Louder With Crowder, Gov. Attacks GOP Truck Driver As “Dangerous Man”; Senator-Elect Durr Hits Back Hard. Sister Toldja at Red State says Edward Durr Nears ‘Legend’ Status With Spot-on Response to Gov. Phil Murphy's 'Dangerous' Attack, “Nothing he has done has made New Jersey fairer or stronger,” he said. “Unlike Murphy, I’m going to Trenton to help make New Jersey better for everyone in our state.” ET reports Possible Recount Looms in New Jersey Governor’s Race as Votes Still Being Tallied. Are they still appearing from back of old Ford Fairlanes? 

Biden vs Trump 2020
On redistricting, Anxious whines Red states draw GOP-friendly maps as Dems despair. I won't be upset about it unless they fix Maryland, which is likely to get worse. Politico crows, Dems weigh a GOP shutout in Maryland redistricting, "Democratic legislators are considering redistricting maps that could target Rep. Andy Harris, the state’s only Republican member of Congress." No taxation without representation!

From Sophie Mann at JTN, GOP Rep. Gosar faces backlash for posting anime-style video violently attacking AOC, "The short video shows anime characters, who are stand-ins for various Republican lawmakers, attacking stand-ins for Democratic politicians." Nancy Pelosi on Twitter, "Threats of violence against Members of Congress and the President of the United States must not be tolerated. @GOPLeader should join in condemning this horrific video and call on the Ethics Committee and law enforcement to investigate." Lighten up Nancy, it's just art!

Roll Call warns For Democrats, the future goes from bad to worse, "Last week’s results might just be the beginning of bleak outlook." David Drucker at WaEx, House Republicans see repeat of 2010 red wave building for 2022. Don't count those chickens yet. 

TNP catches Slate whining, ‘An Extremely Serious Threat’: Trump Consistently Beats Biden in Presidential Polls. There's a lot of buyer's remorse out there. WJ wonders Did GOP Rock Star Ron DeSantis Just Reveal That Donald Trump Is Running for President in 2024? by announcing he was seeking reelection in Florida? At WaEx, 'Civic duty': Howard Stern muses about running against Trump in 2024. Yeah, that'll get the much sought after white women's vote. 

At Wa Free Bee, Dr. Oz Prepares To Jump Into Pennsylvania Senate Race, "The celebrity's candidacy would shake up a contested Republican primary" I don't know enough about him to care. He wouldn't be the first politician to have sold snake oil. JTN, New Hampshire GOP Governor Sununu won't run for Senate in 2022, "Republicans appear to have a good chance of retaking the chamber in 2022, amid polling suggesting voters dissatisfied with Democrats in D.C."

ABC News San Fran, Enough signatures verified to vote on recall of SF DA Chesa Boudin, election officials say, and also by way of the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.09.21, LI, Recall Petition Against Far Leftist San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin Certified, Election June 7, 2022, "Meanwhile, SF neighborhoods hiring private security as SF newspaper asks is residents should…”tolerate burglaries”. Sometimes voters get what they voted for, good and hard. 

At Town Hall, Larry O'Connor makes my point, CRT Isn't in the Curriculum, It's the Language of the Curriculum. They don't teach it as a theory, they teach it as a fact. WaPoo pens an epic about Death threats, online abuse, police protection: School board members face dark new reality. They were much happier when parents weren't paying much attention to what was being taught. From Da Fed, Montana, South Carolina Latest States To Cut Ties With National School Boards Association. Also via the Wombat, LI, South Carolina, Montana School Boards Associations Split From NSBA Over ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Letter, "Let me repeat myself: End the Department of Education and the NSBA and everything else goes with it." Also, MIT Alumni Withdrawing Financial Support Over School’s Drift Into Wokeness. A plea from Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media, Please Democrats, 'Race Card' Yourselves Into Oblivion.

On Jan. 6, at AM Think, Chris Garbacz thinks (no, not yet) Everyone Should Watch Tucker Carlson’s ‘Patriot Purge’. Roger Kimball at Am Great,  Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy In Fact?  "Carlson disputes the accepted narrative according to which the protest at the Capitol was an “insurrection” aimed at undermining “our democracy.” Ergo Carlson must be wrong. Cue the heated rhetoric and wheel out that all-purpose epithet “conspiracy theorist.”   At Newsweek, 'Politics Is Evil': Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Prisons 'Torturing' January 6 Rioters. It appears to be true. Jim Hoft at Gateway has a  MUST-SEE VIDEO — Innocent J-6 Political Prisoner and Whistleblower Exposing FBI Declares HUNGER STRIKE Until Liberty Restored. A Da Mail, Capitol rioter wanted by FBI seeks asylum in ex-Soviet republic of Belarus where he's paraded on state TV as 'the same type of simple American whose shops were burned by BLM activists'

Dan Chaitin at WaEx reports a Reporter says photos show Pence hiding during Capitol riot, which is a perfectly sensible thing to do. Compare to Adam Kinzinger says he considered firing weapon on Jan. 6 (Da Hill). Clearly too unstable to be in Congress, but the voters are taking care of that. Speaking of unstable soon to be ex-Congresscritters, Breitbart cites Liz Cheney: ‘Un-American’ to Say January 6 Was a False Flag Operation, even if it was. Paul Bedard, WaEx, Enough: Liz Cheney demands GOP stop defending Trump ‘lies’, positing even AllahPundit at Haut Hair to ask Why won't Liz Cheney move on?

At Human Events, Publicly Announced Prejudgments by Members of the January 6th Select Committee Undermine Its Mission and Any Conclusion. A political hatchet job from the get go. Politicians gonna politic. Sundance at CTH, Pelosi’s January 6th Committee Files Subpoenas Against Ten More Trump Administration Officials – Democrat Targeting of Political Opposition Continues. I'm a little hurt I haven't got mine yet. Tampa FreeP, Michael Flynn Subpoenaed By Capitol Riot Committee With Five Other Trump Allies. Just pull a Lerner, stand up, declare your innocence, take the 5th and sit down.

WaEx, Trump files to block Jan. 6 investigators and gets rejected in just two hours, "Within two hours, District Judge Tanya Chutkan had reviewed and rejected the claim, contending that the request was legally defective and "premature." The black Obama judge in DC. 

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