Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Elections - Somethings Old, Somethings New

Somethings "borrowed" and somethings blue. So, has anything exciting happened in the news while I was off in California mourning the loss of my brother? Just kidding, I got the news; I just didn't react to it so much. Anyway, this is a hodge podge of new stuff, and stuff that caught my eye over the last few days. 

Ryan Grim at the Intercept has a grim warning for Democrats, It’s Not Just White People: Democrats Are Losing Normal Voters of All Races. What happens when your party caters to the abnormals? Politico whines that Trump poll tests his 2024 comeback map, "The former president is targeting five swing states that are pivotal to his hopes of winning back the White House."

Trump’s shadow campaign also recently polled Trump-Biden matchups in the five states, all of which were decided in 2020 by fewer than 3 percentage points. According to the poll, a memo of which was obtained by POLITICO, the former president led Biden in Arizona by 8 percentage points, Georgia by 3 points, Michigan by 12 points, Pennsylvania by 6 points and Wisconsin by 10 points.
From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.22.21, Tristan Justice at Da Fed thinks it's amusing that SNL portrays Liz Cheney As The Rachel Dolezal Of The Republican Party

WaPoo has an article on redistricting, focusing, as usual, on Republicans trying to take advantage of their electoral advantage in many states, Competitive House districts are getting wiped off the map, but as Chris Queen at PJ Media notes, Democrats Only Hate Gerrymandering When the GOP Does It. A reminder, Democrat politicians in MD have every intention of Gerrymandering the congressional delegation to remove the only Republican seat. Da Hill, Maryland Democrats target lone Republican in redistricting scheme. No taxation without representation!

They also claim he "obstructed" the functioning of Congress -- a charge that has never before been laid against any protester disrupting a congressional vote or hearing.

And he "obstructed" Congress for like, what, an hour and a half?

Non-violently, of course.

Though they're apparently charging him with... other people's violence.

Because he made himself "emblematic" of the whole event, by being a striking, photogenic person that the media loved putting on the front page.

While most antifa who attacked people at the RNC weren't even charged, and those who were charged were sentenced to time served.

He's been rotting in solitary confinement for 10 months. And now he'll spend 31 months more in jail.

For... "parading in a public place."

The stalwart Julie Kelly at Am Great, Select Committee Covering Up Police Brutality on January 6, and possibly cover up the death of Rosanne Boyland by beating. 

In April, the D.C. Medical Examiner’s office claimed Boyland died of “accidental acute amphetamine intoxication.” Boyland reportedly used Adderall, a drug commonly used to treat attention deficit disorders that contains amphetamines. Fatal Adderall overdoses are rare; Boyland would have had to ingest roughly 25 times her standard dose to die from it.

Aside from the unlikelihood Boyland overdosed on her daily medicine while actively participating in a day-long political rally, recently released footage and firsthand accounts contradict the coroner’s report. “There are still many questions about exactly what happened to her,” Rosanne’s aunt, Cheryl Boyland, wrote in a GiveSendGo post.
Videos show her being beaten by a female officer after being crushed by protesters pushed by police. Yet the D.C. Medical Examiner said Rosanne’s body showed no signs of trauma, and attributed her death to the prescription medication she took every day for years. According to videos and statements, Rosanne was dragged unconscious through the west tunnel by the police at 4:31 PM. Then she was taken to the crypt and to the House Majority Leader’s office before EMTs arrived at 5:45 PM, finding her inside the rotunda being given CPR by Capitol police.

WaPoo,  Roger Stone and Alex Jones subpoenaed by House committee investigating Jan. 6 attack. Just walk in, say you're innocent and take the 5th, like Lois Lerner. 

Ace responds to reports that Steve Hayes and Jonah Goldberg quit Fox News over his Jan. 6 documentary, The Grifter Bros.

So their contracts were up for renewal in 2022 and they hadn't been renewed yet.

And then, based on "principle," Hayes and Goldberg said they didn't want to sign the contracts not offered to them anyway.

Okay.  Okay. I don't really trust Fox's word but I also don't believe a single word that comes out of these liars' mouths.

I bet you they'll continue appearing on the conspiracy-promoting, riot-inciting, racebaitings-for-ratings CNN and MSNBC, right?

Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.22.21, Da Tech Guy: What Didn’t Go Well In Virginia and Legal Insurrection: U. Texas Plan To Teach CRT To 4-Year-Olds On Hold, Former NYT Reporter Says Paper Held Article On Kenosha Riots Until After 2020 Election, and Va. School Board Assn. Cuts Ties With NSBA After “Domestic Terrorist” Letter

Matt Margolis at PJ Media reminds us a WHISTLEBLOWER reports that the FBI Is Tracking Parents for Alleged ‘Threats’ Against School Officials, and at Da Lid, Whistleblower Says AG Merrick Garland Lied, FBI Targeting Parents as ‘Threats’ "Should Garland Be Impeached For Perjury" Yes he should. But he won't be. Sundance at CTH, FBI Jackboots Break Down Door and Raid Home of America’s Mom.

First of two very scary videos.

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