Wednesday, November 17, 2021

DIY Russiagate Post

I let this get away from me. Pumping the bilge:

The Steele Dossier Deceit | National Review

Arrest illustrates how Steele dossier was political dirty trick by Hillary Clinton

Ace of Spades HQ Kimberly Strassel: Durham and the Clinton Dossier

‘DELIBERATELY lied’: Glenn Greenwald SCORCHES ‘largest, most influential liberal media outlets’ in straight-up fire thread on #RussiaGate –

The biggest loser of the Durham indictments: James Comey's FBI - Just The News

Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan Discuss the Danchenko Indictment - The Last Refuge

Critical to Understanding Where Durham is Going, Ratcliffe Highlights The August 2016 White House Discussion - Team Clinton Compromising Team Obama - The Last Refuge

The Most Corrupt FBI Agent in U.S. History Attempts to Divert Attention - Rachael Maddow Interviews Peter Strzok - The Last Refuge

Inside the Clinton dossier and the con behind the Russiagate scandal

Stop Looking at Danchenko, Start Looking at Andrew Weissmann and Robert Mueller - The Last Refuge

Durham's latest indictment: More lines drawn to Clinton's campaign - TheHill

We Are Finally Uncovering the Center of the Scandal of the Steele Dossier

Rachel Maddow's Shocking New Low - by Matt Taibbi - TK News by Matt Taibbi

Russiagate has no rock bottom - by Aaron Maté - Aaron Mate

Clinton Operative Linked to Steele Dossier Did Not Disclose Work for Russia to Justice Department 

Danchenko Arrest Exposes the Clinton-Russia Conspiracy | Frontpagemag

Exclusive -- Kash Patel: Durham Is Building a Bigger Conspiracy Case

Steele Melting: Why Durham's Latest Indictment Matters

Russiagate has no rock bottom - by Aaron Maté - Aaron Mate

Ace of Spades HQ - The Washington Post: The Danchenko Indictment Casts Some Slight Doubt On Some Previous Media Reporting on Russiagate

John Durham wins over toughest critic with revelations of Dem scheme behind Trump-Russia probe - Washington Times

Erik Wemple: Are the sites who reported false information about the Steele dossier going to correct the record? – HotAir

Ratcliffe expects 'many' more Durham indictments focused on Clinton-Russia 'collusion' dossier - Washington Examiner

Six Degrees From Brookings: How a Liberal Think Tank Keeps Coming Up in the Russian Collusion Investigation – JONATHAN TURLEY

Analysis: The Biggest Loser of the Durham Indictments May Be James Comey's FBI - The Star News Network

Durham inspires GOP investigators to look in 'another direction' with Fiona Hill in spotlight | Washington Examiner

John Durham Is Getting Close to the Jugular - RealClearPolitics

The Friends of Igor Danchenko - The American Spectator - USA News and Politics

Adam Schiff Withers When Pressed on the Steele Dossier, Mumbles Something About an ‘Erection’ – RedState

The Durham Probe Just Reached into the Biden White House

'The View' guest clashes with Adam Schiff over discredited dossier: 'Your credibility is' diminished | Fox News

Durham Exposes New Links To Clinton Campaign in Creation of Russian Collusion Scandal – JONATHAN TURLEY

Spygate Hoaxer Schiff Squirms Under First Tough Questions In 5 Years On 'The View'

Former Trump Official Morgan Ortagus Confronts Adam Schiff On ‘The View’ Over His Promotion Of Steele Dossier - The Daily Caller

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan Referenced In Durham Indictment

How the media pushed Hillary Clinton's lies against Trump

Don Surber: Bob Woodward missed the scoop of his life

Adam Schiff Gets Grilled on ‘The View’ for Promoting Bogus Steele Dossier – PJ Media

Rep. Schiff got snitty on the View when asked to defend his promotion of the Steele dossier – HotAir

New Twists in Durham Probe: FBI Danchenko Recordings and Suspicions Fiona Hill Lied - RealClearInvestigations

The Democrats' dirt factory

Critic: Durham indictment 'bad news' for dossier believers

Jordan on Durham indictments: 'We told you so' - Fox News

Biden’s security adviser is the ‘foreign policy advisor’ mentioned in Clinton lawyer indictment: report

Media Columnist: Will Media Figures Retract or Apologize For Their Steele Dossier Reporting?

What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It? - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

What We Learned In The Special Counsel's Latest Spygate Indictment

Thank You, ‘Bull’ Durham - American Greatness

Dems' Russia-ruse exposed: The Durham indictments explained - Fox News

Washington Post corrects its Steele dossier reporting going back more than four years – HotAir

‘It’s ALL crashing down’: Glenn Greenwald EMBARRASSES WaPo for ‘essentially retracting’ their entire #RussiaGate story –

The Washington Post Begins Scrubbing and Deleting Prior Articles Using the Steele Dossier to Promote Trump-Russia Narrative - The Last Refuge

Why Special Counsel John Durham Subpoenaed The Brookings Institution

WaPo Issues Massive Correction About Steele Dossier, Says It Can Not Stand By The Accuracy Of Two Stories - The Daily Caller

Schiff: 'We couldn't have known' about lies behind Steele dossier - Fox News

WaPo Issues Corrections and Removes Parts of Two Stories – PJ Media

Investigator who helped unravel Russia case says next mission is forcing media corrections - Just The News

Washington Post columnist demands CNN retract 'corroboration' claim about Steele dossier - Daily Mail Online

Trump Dossier Coverage 'One of the Most Egregious Journalistic Errors' in History, Admits Corporate Media.

Kash Patel Names Four Government Officials He Believes Could Be Targets of John Durham's Investigation - The Last Refuge

There will be a short quiz after I get back from California.

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