Sunday, November 7, 2021

The Morning Election Post - Coming Out of Post-Virginia Shock

The noise about Virginia is calming down. I have no doubt it will be mostly out of the news shortly as we look toward the midterms. Fox, RNC chair Ronna McDaniel says ‘successful’ Virginia get-out-the-vote effort a ‘test run’ for 2022 midterms, "The GOP leader tells Fox News that 2022 organizing efforts are ‘already beginning’ across the country."  Expect the Democrats and the media (but I redund), to continue to snipe at Youngkin, Sears and Miyares at all possible opportunities, however. Politico whines that Rural Democrats stare into the abyss after Virginia. Expect that to spread around the country as the blue rural folk slowly but surely get the message that the Democrats have no interest in their concerns, like the price of eggs. Fellow Clintonite Susan Estrich at NYPo, Terry McAuliffe’s doom: Joe Biden and the price of eggs. Gasoline is a big one too. And education. Andy Sullivan, The Woke Meet Their Match: Parents "Glenn Youngkin's mix of populist policy and moderate style is a breakthrough." Meanwhile, Rebecca Downs at Town Hall finds Tiffany Cross and Joy Reid Double Down on Obsessive Hatred for Winsome Sears, but it's just business as usual at CNN.

At Da Wire, Loudoun County Perpetrator’s Mom Asks Why Accuser Would ‘Sit There And Take It’; Son Victimized Over ‘15-Year-Old Hormones’ 'My son's going to be going on the sexual registry ... because he had 15-year-old hormones." I think there's a problem at home, too. And an old sex crime in Loundoun comes to light with further scrutiny, at Wa Free Bee, Sex Crime Allegations Rock Loudoun County Schools

Loudoun County police on Thursday charged high school counselor Ann Barrett, who allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with an underage student from 2013 to 2015. Loudoun County Public Schools placed Barrett on leave in May after the case surfaced. The counselor turned herself in and was later released on bond.

Police are also investigating a boy at Harmony Middle School who allegedly groped male classmates last week in a hallway.

Matt Vespa at PJ Media on the NJ election where a Republican truck driver, Edward Durr, with little money beat the well funded Democrat head of the state Senate, Steve Sweeney. Not Suspicious at All: Top NJ Democrat Says They 'Recently Found' 12,000 Ballots. Why are Democrats "finding" ballots, shouldn't it be election officials finding ballots? Unless they are one and the same, which is likely in NJ. WJ, NJ Senate Pres Won't Concede to Conservative Truck Driver Who Beat Him: '12,000 Ballots Recently Found'., Murphy ‘stunned’ at Sweeney’s election loss: ‘I do not welcome this in any way’

Despite a sometimes tumultuous relationship with state Senate President Stephen Sweeney, Gov. Phil Murphy said Friday he’s “stunned” and “bummed” over the incredible upset New Jersey’s second-most powerful elected state official’s suffered in Tuesday’s election.

And in Murphy's own election, New Jersey Republicans say gubernatorial election isn’t over yet

The Associated Press called the race for incumbent Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, over Republican challenger and former Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli. But Republicans are urging all ballots to be counted before saying the election is settled.

 Even more from NJ at JTN,  19-year-old wins New Jersey school board race running against COVID mandates, CRT, "Nicholas Seppy is joining the school board that prematurely ended his senior year. "I expect to be fighting hard" against likely vaccine mandates from reelected Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy."

From Fox, Florida turns red: DeSantis touts record as registered Republicans outnumber Democrats for the first time. Nailing down those electoral votes, I hope. Rebecca Downs again, New Poll Doesn't Just Carry with It Bad News for Biden, But Good News for Trump for 2024, but it's really too early to put much stake in polls. Althouse cites Lionel Shriver at the Spectator, "In my broadly shared dread that Republicans will nominate you-know-who yet again, I sometimes postulate desperately that..."

"... maybe we’ll all be saved by a deus ex machina, and the previous poser in the White House will be struck by some debilitating ailment. I’d settle for incurable laryngitis. Or maybe the guy could break out in hard, goitrous globules of insoluble lard. After all, when the supermodel Linda Evangelista had this adverse reaction to a fat-freezing procedure, she became a shut-in! ... I’m not the first to suppose that Biden... might serve only one term. Nor am I the only one who considers America’s vice-president an incompetent dolt who harbours no genuine political convictions, emits a compulsive, mirthless cackle under stress and only achieved her office by dint of sex, ethnicity and race.... Maybe something will indeed come out of left field, and I won’t have to face it. But right now I’m looking in wide-eyed horror at Kamala vs the Donald in 2024, as if standing mid-motorway with the two headlights of an HGV barrelling towards me and not being able to move."

At CNN Paul Begala opines that Democrats better build an ark. Or learn to swim. Tim Graham at Town Hall finds it amusing that The Democrats Lose, Claim They Have No Media Support but Brian Darling, also at Town Hall thinks Republicans Owe a Debt of Gratitude to Progressive Democrats and the Woke Media

Keep it up progressives; you have done more to forward the cause of Republicans than Republican candidates have done themselves. Whatever you do – keep the progressive crazies as the spokespeople of your party so Americans can see even more evidence that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by a gang of woke soldiers. They will not win, but they are willing to kill their own party to prove a point.

Insty spots TWO NEW YORK TIMES IN ONE! “Democrats Deny Political Reality at Their Own Peril,” a New York Times op-ed noted on Thursday . . . The Truth Fairy, Could the GOP Become the Party of Women? Sen. Tom Cotton Says it Already Has. If the Democrats continue to push woke education it will be.

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