Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Election 2020: Don't Mess with Texas

A tolerable load, given that I shirked yesterday. The main story seems to be the story of the Texas: PM Texas Senate passes bill to purge voter rolls of non-citizens and non-residents. Well, you can't very well do that can you? It  might disenfranchise non-residents and non-citizens, and then, who's left to vote for Democrats? Joseph Weber at JTN chronicles their response, Texas Democrats walk out to stop GOP voting reform bill, Abbott to call special session, Rich Moran at PJ Media Abbott Will Play Hardball With Texas Legislature After Democratic Walkout, Andrea Widberg at Am Think thinks  Governor Greg Abbott smacks down obstreperous Democrats in Texas  and 'Bonchie' at Red State says Democrats Throw a Hissy Fit in Texas and Gov. Abbott Responds Accordingly

Democrats have officially thrown a hissy fit in response to Texas’ prospective election security law. They stormed off the Texas House floor, denying a vote on the measure last night. The move also ends the current legislative session.

Of course, if you were to ask your average Democrat what is so objectionable about the law, they’d have no answer because it’s not objectionable. Its main factors include things like standardizing mail-in and drive-through voting procedures that were adopted during the pandemic. Democrats oppose doing that because they apparently believe living in a perpetual state of emergency when it comes to voting measures benefits them electorally.

This is another in a line of voting reform laws in Republican-held states that have drawn the irrational ire of the left. Georgia has been the most talked-about even though the law was relatively mundane and actually expanded voting opportunities compared to pre-pandemic measures. Other states like Florida and Mississippi also passed measures.

Fortunately, Gov. Greg Abbott was ready to deliver the proper response to this attempt at obstruction. He’s going to be calling a special session soon which can not be ended simply because the minority party walks out.

On the Georgia Fulton County vote audit, sundance at CTH has Details on of Fulton County Deputies Leaving Guard Duty 20 Minutes Before Alarms Sound in Building Containing Ballots for Audit, Nothing suspicious here! 'Shipwreckedcrew' at Red State, Election Officials in Fulton County, Georgia Sure Act Like They Have Something to Hide and 

From Arizona, Dan Chaitin at WaEx, Arizona GOP boasts 1 million ballots counted in Maricopa County audit.  Also from sundance, AZ Chairwoman Kelli Ward Provides Remarks on Memorial Day and Updates on the Maricopa County Audit, One Million Ballots Reviewed

According to Mrs. Ward the auditors are now halfway through reviewing and auditing the Maricopa County ballots. Auditors are still estimating a late June finish. Additionally, the Arizona legislature are considering having another company review digital copies of the ballots and give their report on the ballot results for every race in the Maricopa County ballot. Overall, the audit is in good shape and making progress on the exact schedule expected.

Rachel Alexander at Town Hall AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Is Out of Control on Ballot Audit. Again, the Democrats really don't want us to see under the covers of the election. And you wouldn't want to give the Republicans any thoughts that they might be able to. Sundance again, Pennsylvania Legislature Sends Delegation to Arizona to Review Ballot Audit Procedures

Da Signal, Madison Becomes Last of Wisconsin’s 5 Largest Cities to Face Election Complaint

This capital city has become the fifth and last of Wisconsin’s so-called WI-5 cities to face a formal complaint alleging violations of election law in the November presidential contest in which Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump.

Saying they are concerned about liberal groups entrenched in administration of Wisconsin elections, a crowd of about nearly 140 turned out for a “Standing Up for Voter Integrity” rally at the State Capitol.

The sponsor of the rally, the Wisconsin Voter Alliance, has led legal challenges to the third-party groups accused of infiltrating the elections in Madison and the Badger State’s four other largest, most heavily Democrat cities.

“As I talk to citizens around Wisconsin, there still are a lot of questions about CTCL [the Center for Tech and Civic Life] and their involvement in the 2020 election,” state Rep. Janel Brandtjen, R-Menomonee Falls, said. “The lack of oversight of these [outside] groups should concern everyone in the state of Wisconsin as we work toward transparent elections.”

Yahoo! whines that Trump alumni target House Republicans who voted for impeachment with new PAC. Politics aint bean bag. It's more like cornhole. 

Treacher. Trump Lost "That's right. I said it.". Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Jenna Ellis Weighs in on Whether Trump Will Be 'Reinstated' in August

Now, who knows whether Haberman is on the level here. The New York Times doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to reporting the facts. That said, it should be noted that regardless of the outcome of any of the current or future audits of votes from the 2020 presidential election, the results cannot be changed.

In fact, Jenna Ellis, Trump’s former legal adviser, pointed this out in a tweet on Sunday, saying Trump “is not going to be reinstated.”

“The election was lawless, six states allowed their delegates to vote by false certifications, but the [Electoral College] process happened,” she tweeted. “The Constitution has only one process for removal of a sitting president: impeachment and conviction.”

“No, President Trump is not going to be ‘reinstated,'” she concluded.

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