Sunday, June 13, 2021

Biden Refunds Fast Train from Nowhere to Nowhere

LA Times, Nearly $1 billion restored to California bullet train after Biden officials reverse Trump

A $929-million federal grant for the California bullet train project was restored Thursday, reversing a decision by the Trump administration to terminate the funding.

The grant was restored under a settlement of a suit brought by California, asserting the U.S. Department of Transportation acted improperly in taking away the money in May 2019.

The action was widely anticipated in recent weeks after statements by President Biden’s administration that it was working on a settlement. The Federal Railroad Administration formally announced the settlement Friday morning.

In a written statement, the agency said the settlement “reflects the federal government’s ongoing partnership in the development of high-speed rail” and “is an important step in advancing an economically transformational project in California.”

The action appears to signal that the Biden administration will back efforts by the California High-Speed Rail Authority to obtain a portion of the federal infrastructure package that is being negotiated, though the actual amount of money for the rail project is highly uncertain.

“Tonight’s action by the federal government is further proof that California and the Biden-Harris administration share a common vision — clean, electrified transportation that will serve generations to come,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a statement.
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The $929 million is part of a planned $22.8-billion effort aimed at building a 171-mile partial operating system between Bakersfield and Merced, as well as completing environmental planning and making some high-speed rail investments in Southern California and the Bay Area.

I would pay to avoid Bakersfield and Merced. 

I Love You, California, but you're crazy:

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