Saturday, June 26, 2021

Rule 5 Saturday - Gabrielle Adrian

Following a suggestion from Mark Zuckerberg, this week's lovely is  Gabrielle Adrien:
Gabrielle is a young businesswoman, a graduate of The Ohio State University with a specialization in Finance. Her business endeavors carried on through her passions with modeling, health and wellness, and entrepreneurship.


From a young age, I was an avid go-getter hitting the stage with a competitive dance career. Traveling back and forth to New York City, I found a strong passion for discovering the world and growing into my best self. I carried this resilient passion to excel in my older years by an athlete. Volleyball became my second love in life and another love that I relentlessly pursued excellence. I was on a National Club Volleyball team, traveling across the United States, and helped lead my team to a National victory in 2016. Slowly but surely, every experience helped me grow into the woman I am so proud to be today! 


My love for performing continued as I pursued a career in modeling. Today, I am elated at the journey I have gone on and am a successful model in Los Angeles and Columbus, signed with NewMark Models and Sigal Models.

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