Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Beach Report 6/8/21

This bunny was still in the camera from a few days ago. I saw it before Skye, so I got a decent shot of it.
The ancient mariner, also in the camera from earlier.
Our smallest butterfly, the Eastern Tailed-Blue
An American Lady, somewhat worse for wear, and hidden in the grass at the boat yard. 
I found this baby turtle sitting on a rock in the harbor. It might be a Map Turtle or a Painted Turtle, I'm not sure which.
A bit of a red tide today. It wasn't here yesterday.
Temperatures were in the upper 80s at home today, but only lower 80's at the beach. And a bit of a breeze from the south helped.
The best of 34 generally unremarkable shark's teeth, a small White Shark (hastalis), I think. Oh, and 1 Drum tooth.
The beginning of the area we call the tangle. 

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