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Election 2020: DOJ to Sue GA over Voting Laws More Generous than in NY, DE

We're still talking about Merrick Garland's DOJ plan to sue Georgia over its new voting laws. As Teach at Pirate's Cove notes DOJ To Sue Georgia Over Voting Law That’s Less Restrictive Than Delaware

For instance, Georgia will formally have 17 days of early voting, while Delaware will have just 10, starting in 2022. Georgia has no-excuse mail in voting; Delaware doesn’t. Delaware does require a voter to prove their identification. Most states, including Delaware, do not allow people to randomly wander around and give people in line food and drink, because there is no electioneering with a certain distance, and it is almost considered a bribe.
Carr called the lawsuit a “campaign flier,” telling host Tucker Carlson the DOJ “is playing politics.”

“They are not upholding the rule of law and this blatantly political lawsuit is legally, factually, and constitutionally wrong. Anybody who looks at our law can see it improve security and access, improves transparency in Georgia’s law,” he said.
Well, yeah. But, Democrats do not want to actually read the Georgia law. They just want to trot out their hater talking points.

'Bonchie' at Red State, The DOJ's Lawsuit Against the Georgia Election Law Is Mind-Meltingly Moronic and Merrick Garland Good and Fully Jumps the Shark With Admission on DOJ Targeting Red StatesAttorney General Merrick Garland credits the news media for compiling threats to voting rights “in a way that I have to say, frankly, I had not seen before.”

Wait, the DOJ is using reports, most of which were false, from partisan mainstream “news” outlets to decide on which red states to target with lawsuits? That seems a little out of bounds. It also seems completely antithetical to the mission of the DOJ. Shouldn’t they be pursuing lawsuits based on gathered evidence and demonstrated illegality, not what a talking head on CNN says?

Heck, even general claims by the media that Georgia’s law was “voter suppression” are clearly opinion and not actually based in fact. The DOJ apparently bought them hook, line, and sinker, though, as their lawsuit makes wild claims about black people being denied equal ballot access — when that’s clearly not true in regards to Georgia’s reform law or their system in general.

 Nick Arama at Red State, GOP Nails the Weaponizing of the DOJ Against Georgia Election Law

So, here’s a question for Garland. If this is all on the up and up and you’re really just (wrongly) concerned about ‘restrictions’ in the law, why aren’t you concerned about the New York law which is more restrictive in parts? Why are you trying to undo the law that was legally passed, trying to undo the will of the people?

It’s more than a little troubling that the DOJ is being used to seemingly pursue a partisan agenda.

Still giving thanks that McConnel blocked Garland from the Supreme Court.  News Max, Trump: Georgia Residents Should Sue State Over 'Rigged' Election.

Trump, in his statement said: "Biden’s Department of Justice just announced that they are suing the Great State of Georgia over its Election Integrity Act. Actually, it should be the other way around! The PEOPLE of Georgia should SUE the State, and their elected officials, for running a CORRUPT AND RIGGED 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION — and for trying to suppress the VOTE of the AMERICAN PEOPLE in Georgia. If we don’t address these issues from the 2020 Election head on, and we allow the Radical Left Democrats to continue to politicize the DOJ and Law Enforcement, we will lose our Country. SAVE AMERICA!"

NYT whines (at Hot Hair)  "It’s important to hear those denouncements publicly" regarding CPO Fanone's campaign to shame GOP Congresscritters over Jan. 6. Meanwhile, at The Pipeline, Jack Dunphy wants to know Who Killed Ashli Babbitt? "The government knows. Why don't we?"

Roger Simon  behind the the paywall at ET, cited by Insty, Lead Georgia Election Critic Condemns New York Supreme Court on Giuliani.

At first Favorito simply said, “The New York Supreme Court made false assumptions about Georgia on it and used them improperly against Giuliani.”

Then he added: “The State Farm Arena video they showed, I’m sorry, showed clear violations of Georgia law committed by election officials.”

Favorito went silent. I thought that was it—he might even want to pull back—-but the opposite was true. He wanted to say something stronger, with more evidence, and later sent me the following two paragraphs via email:

“The New York Supreme Court falsely concluded that the Georgia hand count audit ‘confirmed the results of the election with a zero percent risk limit.’ The truth documented by expert witness testimony at our May 21st hearing is that the hand count audit had a 21% error rate. That expert witness testimony and recently released public ballot images confirm the correctness of Giuliani’s argument that the vote count was inaccurate.”

“The New York Supreme Court also falsely disagreed that the State Farm Arena video ‘can be viewed as evidence of illegal conduct during the vote tabulation process.’ We identified four violations of Georgia election transparency law in the video. In addition, the video clearly shows potentially illegal duplicate ballot scanning. Furthermore, the hand count audit results indicate thousands of duplicate ballots were scanned into the results further confirming Giuliani’s argument that the vote count was inaccurate.”

[All bolds are Favorito’s. The italics are direct quotes from the New York State Supreme Court.]

David Lurie at Yahoo! Rudy's problematic public punishment doesn't fit his crimes

At issue are limits the First Amendment places regulating lawyers' speech outside the context of court proceedings, including bald-faced lies like those Giuliani has repeatedly told to the American people in the months following the election, as well as whether the mechanism of lawyer discipline is an effective way to address such wholesale lying to the nation. Politically, the problem here is that the abrupt suspension of his license to practice in New York State, even before a hearing where he could present his defense, helps support his phony claims about a supposed “deep state,” “Democrat” conspiracy against him and his client, Trump. Contrary to the wise counsel of W.S. Gilbert and Dee Dee Ramone, the punishment here does not appear to fit the crime... 

Dan Chaitin at WaEx, Maricopa County 2020 election auditors complete paper examination, and the world has not ended, nor is the Republic dead (yet). 

The Republican-led Arizona Senate's audit of the 2020 election in Maricopa County reached a significant milestone on Friday, but it will probably be weeks before the findings are released to the public.

"Audit Update: Paper examination and counting are finished today. Thank you to all the amazing Arizona volunteers who made this audit possible!" said a missive from the "Maricopa Arizona Audit" Twitter account.

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