Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Election 2020: NSA Gets Back to Spying on Americans

Like they ever really quit. But this one could come back to bite them, hard. 'Shipwreckedcrew' at Red State: REPORT: Whistleblower Told Tucker Carlson Biden Admin's IC is Illegally Monitoring His Electronic Communications

In what may be an early example of the saying “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander,” Tucker Carlson reported on his show Monday night that he has received notice — AND EVIDENCE — that internal communications among the staff of his show are being monitored by the Intelligence Community of the Biden Administration. This would be the first reported instance that I’m aware of regarding a Biden Administration official leaking information to a news media outlet calling attention to allegedly illegal/objectionable conduct taking place inside the Administration.

These kinds of leaks were endemic during the Trump Administration, as liberal Trump-hating officials in the government bureaucracy regularly leaked information to media outlets hostile to Trump such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN. Now we have a Biden Administration Official engaged in the same conduct — but this time the operations being “leaked” are targeted at a media outlet hostile to Biden.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Democrat presidents have sicced American intelligence agencies on the media. Barack Obama infamously tapped the landlines and cellphones of the Associated Press, Fox News reporter James Rosen, New York Times reporter James Risen, and, allegedly, Sharyl Attkisson, who was with CBS News at the time. Most notoriously, Obama and his vice president, Joe Biden, green-lit spying on the Trump campaign over vacuous, political, and knowingly false claims about his ties with Russia.

Someone dares to use the "D" word in Georgia. Sundance, Report: Potential Election Decertification in Georgia, Pending Fulton County Ballot Audit, if it really turn out they counted 30k more ballots than were actually cast. But even sundance is skeptical.

Jack Phillips at ET, Over 500 Election Fraud Cases Are Pending in Texas Courts: Attorney General, but it's only a Red State, so who cares? 

 At Da Wire, 2.1 Million Ballot Count In Arizona Election Audit Completed and  Arizona GOP Strips Election-Related Powers From Democrat Secretary Of State, Shifts To Republican AG. If you're gonna play politics, people will play politics against you, too. WaPoo informs us that the voting machines in Maricopa County have cooties now that they've been touched by the wrong hands. Arizona’s Maricopa County will replace voting equipment, fearful that GOP-backed election review has compromised security. I guess they aren't that secure, huh? Rico at Theo's LOST? ...............from Rico

The same database-altering software* found on MI & PA Dominion voting systems is likely also on machines in AZ & GA.

- If election integrity has been lost, America has been lost.

*Dominion. SQL is a "back door" allowing invisible editing and/or data manipulation without being logged, registered, or controlled.

cite: Gateway Pundit 26 JUN 2021

Karen Townsend at Hot Hair, Al Gore on CNN: Republicans are putting out "artificial insanity" on 2020 election. From the man who never really accepted his loss in 2000. 

Breitbart reports on a Lawsuit: Silicon Valley Billionaire Recruited Election Officials to Accept Grants from Zuckerberg. The very best election Facebook could buy, and quite likely illegally in many jurisdictions. 

Margot Cleveland at Da Fed details how How The Voting Rights Act Lets Biden’s DOJ Insist Georgia’s Photo ID Requirement Is Racist. Human beings maybe equal under the eyes of the law, but unequal in their attainments. 

Julie Kelly at Am Great asks Did Cops Attack and Provoke Peaceful Protesters on January 6?, and makes a pretty good case for it, which explains why the authorities are so reluctant to release all the footage they possess. At Red State 'shipwreckedcrew'  About the Indiana Grandmother Forced to "Confess" to Her Wrong-Think at Sentencing for Her January 6 Actions. As a former federal prosecutor, he thinks she was just doing what was necessary to get the best deal. 

This kind of “I’m so sorry, I’ve learned my lesson, and I promise to never do anything to land myself back in front of you, Judge, so help me God” is standard procedure for a criminal defendant and her lawyer. There was nothing shocking about Anna Morgan Lloyd making comments like that as part of the effort to achieve exactly what she achieved — a sentence with no jail time.

David Catron at Am Spec doesn't trust Joe, Manchin Previews His Filibuster Flip-Flop "His pledge to preserve this crucial Senate rule is just as worthless as his promise not to vote for S 1 ." That's fair, don't trust anyone in politics. 

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.28.21, Behind The Black has Today’s blacklisted American: Rudy Giuliani loses law license for daring to represent Donald Trump. The title says it all, but read it anyway.

And as Trump’s lawyer, it was Giuliani’s job to make Trump’s case, in all appropriate forums, which is exactly what Giuliani was doing.

In New York, however, that is no longer allowed. The First Amendment no longer exists. Nor does freedom of speech. If you are a lawyer and dare question any opinions of any Democrat, or have the nerve to take on any Republican as a client and work to defend them, the Democrats in New York who control the legislature and courts at almost all levels will team up to take your law license away and work to destroy you.

Moreover, the Democratic Party machine will act to destroy you without a hearing. Giuliani never got one before these judges, something that is unheard of in such cases and is also a violation of the Constitution, this time the Fifth and Sixth Amendments, which state that all accused parties will have the right to due process and the right to make their case before a judge or jury.

Not in New York. That state now has star chamber law, whereby secret gatherings of partisan Democrats decide your fate behind closed doors, and you have no right to dispute their conclusions, to their face.

Also, at the Geller Report, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer Throws Hissy Fit, Says Media Helps ‘Despicable’ Trump ‘Win So Many People Over’

Earth to Chucky: With the exception of Fox News, every other major news outlet on the planet was right there with you and the Democrat Party every step of the way with your TDS-riddled efforts to remove Trump from the White House from the moment he was inaugurated. 24×7. 365 days a year. Four insidious years. Remember? We do.

Sundance, REPORT: Politically Corrupt Manhattan DA Will Not Charge President Trump

Apparently, if confirmed, the guiding hands that pull the puppet strings within the justice department have weighed the benefit of starting a full-scale civil war and determined it is not in their best interests, at least at the moment, and possibly not until they can get COVID lockdown 2.0 triggered, to anger 100 million very focused American patriots.

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