Saturday, June 12, 2021

Is This What You Wanted, Mark?

We've been seeing a number of ads on TV from Facebook, with young people decrying the old regulations that govern the internet, and basically begging for new laws.


 Is this what you want, Mark Zuckerberg? From Henry Rodgers at Da Caller, Jim Jordan, Judiciary Republicans Reintroduce Bill That Would Amend Section 230’s Protections For Big Tech

Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan and House Judiciary Committee Republicans reintroduced legislation Friday that would amend Section 230’s immunity from liability for internet content providers.

The Daily Caller first obtained the legislation, titled the Protect Speech Act, which was put together by Reps Jordan, McClintock, Bishop, Tiffany, Spartz, Steube, Johnson, Fitzgerald, Issa, and Fischbach. The bill would amend Section 230, which is the portion of the law that gives internet companies immunity from lawsuits over content that users post to their sites.

“Big Tech’s out to get conservatives. The Protect Speech Act will crush tech’s ability to hide behind Section 230 and censor conservative speech. Judiciary Committee Republicans are proud to reintroduce this legislation today and stand up for the First Amendment on the internet,” Jordan told the Daily Caller. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Senior Trump Advisers Anticipated Twitter Ban, Urged Trump To Switch To Parler In Early 2020)

The legislation was originally introduced in October of 2020.

“This bill modifies the immunity from liability of a provider or user of an interactive computer service (e.g., a social media company) for screening and blocking offensive content on its platform,” a summary of the bill said in October.

“Specifically, the bill provides that this immunity shall not apply to any action taken to restrict access to or availability of material provided by another information content provider unless the action is taken in good faith based on an objectively reasonable belief that the material is (1) obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, promoting terrorism or violent extremism, harassing, promoting self-harm, or unlawful; or (2) violates the applicable terms of service or use,” it continued.

Former President Donald Trump and many Republicans have said Section 230 is a threat to national security and election integrity that is only helping Big Tech companies. Trump also said Section 230 should be completely terminated.

I would be OK with that. If it causes new problems, well, that's what legislators are for.  

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