Sunday, June 27, 2021

Beach Report 6/27/21

A bunch of people looking hard for sharks teeth. Including the lady with the dog.
A dead stingray in the wash. I think it's an Atlantic Stingray
The Atlantic Stingray is found in the western Atlantic Ocean from Chesapeake Bay southward to Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, to as far as Campeche, Mexico. ... The Atlantic stingray is capable of tolerating varying salinities and can enter freshwater; it has been reported from the Mississippi River, Lake Pontchartrain, and the St. Johns River in Florida.
A pretty good crowd at Matoaka today. About 80 F, and the humidity is sneaking up, but between a few clouds, and a nice SW breeze, it wasn't too hot. 
The best of a large number of shark's teeth, a pretty complete Cow Shark tooth, and the fresh barb off the Stingray.
If stepped on, the Atlantic stingray can inflict a painful, though rarely life-threatening wound.

One of the finest drip sand castles I've ever seen. I surely don't have that much patience. 

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