Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Election 2020: Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

Georgia is back in the news. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.14.21, Nice Deb at Am Great informs us Georgia Election Official Admits Chain of Custody Docs Are Missing for 2020 Absentee Ballots, but only a 19,000 or so. (President* Biden's  margin in Georgia was 12,000). And in Arizona, Andrea Widburg at Am Think thinks In Maricopa County, are missing ballots the smoking guns? If they can't come up with enough valid ballots to cover Biden's win, he earns another asterisk. But Matt Margolis at PJ Media reports Arizona Officials Dispute Report Claiming a 'Couple Hundred Thousands" Ballots Are Missing. Reports are that boxes of ballots are blank. Enough to cover Joe's win? I guess we'll find out soon. Sundance at CTH, Attorney General Merrick Garland Pre-Positioning Assets Against Looming Election Audit Results and Voter Data Forensics. Sending lawyers, guns and money. He also notes how Arizona AG Fires Shot Across the Bow Against Federal Intervention in a State Audit.

A thought piece from Dave in Fla at Aces', Closing the Barn Door – Changes in Voting Laws 
. . . So let’s pretend that voting still matters.

In the aftermath of 2020 twenty-eight states have introduced legislation to put additional restrictions on voting mechanisms. Now, not all of these are going to become law. Bills introduced in New Jersey and Washington are unlikely to become law because of Democrat opposition. But there is considerable activity in many of the Battleground states to address the mess from 2020 and to ensure elections in those states are fair going forward.

The legislative remedies run a wide gamut, including limitations on vote by mail, restrictions on automatic absentee ballot mailing, ballot harvesting, voter ID, stricter signature requirements, ballot return restrictions, poll watcher access, and voter roll purging. Let’s take a closer look at what is going on in six states, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Georgia, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania. . . .

At Breitbart, Stacey Abrams: ‘The Insurrection Is Continuing’ with Republican Voting Laws — ‘This Is Not Hyperbole’. And speaking of hyperbole, Virginia Kruta at Da Caller finds Juan Williams Issuing a Stark Warning: Republicans Are ‘Preparing The Ground To Steal An Election’. There might be someone out there whose opinion I value less than Juan's, but off hand, I can't think of who. At Am Spec, Kevin Kosar wonders, Could Kamala Harris Steal the 2024 Election for Biden — Or Herself? "The GOP needs to close the loophole provided by the Electoral Count Act."

At ET, Pelosi Says Creating Panel to Investigate Jan. 6 an ‘Option’ With Power as Speaker, sure she could, but it would be a purely partisan affair, and wouldn't fool anybody except Susan Collins.

At Am Think, Patricia McCarthy wonders how Hundreds still are incarcerated for being in DC on January 6. Why is the GOP so afraid to stand up for what is right? and Mark Levin: Why Are Capitol Rioters Held Under Strict Confinement And Antifa/BLM Roam Free?

Julie Kelly at Am Great, want to know Who Let Capitol Protesters Into the Building on January 6?
"By contradicting the groupthink on January 6, Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) is taking fire from the usual suspects while most of his Senate colleagues remain silent."
Johnson’s office already has flagged a slice of footage that may seriously undermine the accepted narrative—perpetuated by federal judges in court hearings and nearly everyone else—that “insurrectionists” broke into the building without permission.

In a letter to acting U.S. Capitol Police chief Yogananda Pittman last week, Johnson zeroed in on the suspicious activity of several individuals around 2:30 p.m.—right before more than 300 protesters entered the building through doors on the upper west terrace. Moments before, according to Johnson’s letter, an “unauthorized” person tried unsuccessfully to open a set of double doors.

Five people returned to the double doors shortly thereafter and walked past a USCP officer. “The security footage, which did not include audio, appeared to show the police officer gesturing toward the doors as these individuals walked past him. Once at the double doors, one of the five individuals pushed the left door’s crash bar and this time, it opened. All five individuals exited the building at approximately 2:33 p.m.”

But the last person to leave left the door ajar, “allowing people from the outside of the building to gain entry into the Capitol. At 2:34 p.m., as people began to enter through this door, the police officer who was in the vicinity of this door one minute earlier, walked into another hallway away from this door and out of the view of the security camera.” For nearly 15 minutes, Johnson estimates, 309 people entered the Capitol building while law enforcement did little to stop them.
I think we've seen a bit of this video before; it's very suspicious. Five black clad men, with a paramilitary look, one waving a confederate flag, enter. Could they be Proud Boys or Q-Anoners? Sure, but could they be Antifa? Unless the Feds know who the are and aren't telling. Breitbart, Husband of Ashli Babbitt’s Attorney Ties Capitol Police Officer Who Shot Babbitt to Same Officer Who Left Firearm in Bathroom Unattended. Sounds like a shot in the dark to me, but it could be an additional reason for the authorities to be so unwilling to name the shooter.  Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray continue to "Emmanuelization" of Q-Anon; sundance, FBI Triggers Politically Strategic Narrative, Highlights Q-Anon Supporters as Domestic Violent Extremists. I see very little evidence of Q having any real impact in the real world, and a lot of concern, by people who have interest in generating that concern.
“The FBI has warned lawmakers in Washington that QAnon followers may move from being “digital soldiers” to engaging in “real world violence.”

“We assess that some [domestic violent extremist] adherents of QAnon likely will begin to believe they can no longer ‘trust the plan’ referenced in QAnon posts and that they have an obligation to change from serving as ‘digital soldiers’ towards engaging in real world violence—including harming perceived members of the “cabal” such as Democrats and other political opposition—instead of continually awaiting Q’s promised actions which have not occurred,” the assessment says. (read more)

Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.14.21,  The unsinkable Mollie Hemingway at Da Fed, Flashback: DC Mayor Honored At DNC For Riot Response. New Reports Reveal She, Not Trump, Teargassed Protesters. Roger Kimball at ET, News Flash: Trump Was Right. Jonathon Davis at Trending Politics, Here Are Eight Fake News Narratives About Trump the Media Has Admitted Were Always Wrong. John Solomon at JTN, Eighteen months later, Democrats' first Trump impeachment tale in tatters "Disclosures from open-records requests, Hunter Biden laptop and Senate testimony undercut Democratic narrative that president's son did nothing wrong in his dealings in Ukraine." Tyler Olsen at Fox whines that Republicans who voted for impeachment face barrage of pro-Trump primary challengers "Some pro-impeachment Republicans may struggle to hold on to seats" Votes have consequences. 

The NYT, cited at Hot Hair is upset that Trump (allegedly) pressed acting AG to get DOJ to back election claims. It was the right thing to do if he thought laws were broken. The Biden* administration won't have any trouble getting Merrick Garland to do their dirty work, and I don't expect the NYT to do anything but cover up and/or root.

Da Wire reports RNC Might Skip Network TV Presidential Debates In 2024, Top Republican Says. Good. About damn time, the moderator selection process has been a bad joke as long as I can remember.

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