Friday, June 4, 2021

Election 2020: DIY Coverage

Just time enough to dump this before we head out:

Democrats Want to Destroy Democracy to Save It by Kurt Schlichter

Democrat Sen. Sinema stands steadfast in her support for the filibuster - Just The News

Sinema Crushes Biden's Dreams to Kill Filibuster – RedState

FRANTIC MSNBC Cries: How Can Feds Overturn State Election Laws? -Newsbusters

Hey Dummy, Voter Fraud Is Real! - IntellectualConservative

Mike Lindell Outlines New Lawsuit Against Dominion and Smartmatic Voting Machine Companies, UPDATE Lawsuit Added - The Last Refuge

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano Discusses His Visit to Review Maricopa County Ballot Audit - The Last Refuge

Is an Audit of the 2020 Election in Pennsylvania Coming Next? – PJ Media

Donald Trump Belief That “Reinstatement” to Office Coming: Delusional - National Review

Lewandowski says he's 'never had that conversation' with Trump about being reinstated - Just The News

The Frenzy Surrounding the Trump-Reinstatement Claim Shows No Lessons Have Been Learned – RedState

There's a Simple Reason Why a Case Against a Capitol Hill Rioter Collapsed by Matt Vespa

North Carolina county bans Coca-Cola machines over 'left-wing' politics

After All-Star Game fiasco, Cruz doubles down on ending MLB's antitrust exemption - Just The News

Instapundit » Blog Archive » ANALYSIS: TRUE. Remember, the left always shows you who it’s afraid of….

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