Thursday, April 1, 2021

Election 2020: The Little Steal Stopped

Hey, looky who the Harris/ Biden administration put in charge of their efforts to distort America's voting system to the point of failure? Serial liar and Benghazi apologist Susan Rise. Wa Free Bee, Biden Puts Susan Rice in Charge of Effort to Expand Vote by Mail "Executive order requires agencies to boost registration efforts", PM, Biden appoints Susan Rice to lead charge on mail-in-voting expansion. I feel pretty good now; the effort is almost sure to fail.

Human Events, H.R. 1 IS FOR THE DEMOCRATS—NOT THE PEOPLE. "The House Democrats' 800-page election reform bill would turn voter fraud into a way of life." Amony Mee at Am Think, H.R. 1: It’s Worse Than You Think. Most legislation is. I'm also sure much of it is unconstitutional, but do I trust the Roberts Court? No.

Capt. Ed at Hot Hair read the NYT, NYT: Say, It Sure Looks Like Democrats Are Starting To “Quietly” Splinter On “Voting Rights” Bill

Manchin has taken most of the heat, although some has also been directed toward Kyrsten Sinema over her opposition to changing the filibuster. Without eliminating the filibuster, the bill would have no chance of passage while Republicans control half of the Senate. However, it now looks like the filibuster is a secondary problem, as Democrats can’t even get to 49, let alone 50 votes in the Senate:

Wa Free Bee again, NH Dem Blasts Pelosi Voting Reform Bill "Secretary of State Bill Gardner: Pelosi is 'attacking our state'" To Democrat's there is only one state that counts. Jordan Lancaster at Da Caller, Some Democrats Are Reportedly Afraid To Voice Concerns About Nationwide Voting Overhaul

Joseph Klein at Front Page explains how Georgia’s New Election Law Suppresses Fraud, Not Voter Access, which is why Democrats hate it so much. Karen Townsend at Hot Hair informs us that Delta Airlines Caves To The Angry Mob – Calls Georgia’s New Voting Law “Unacceptable”. I'd boycott Delta, except that I can't remember the last time we flew it. Coca-Cola don't weaken! Breitbart, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Lashes Out After Georgia Enacts Election Integrity Law. Get woke, go broke, I hope. 

At Da Caller, Florida GOP Follows Georgia, Considers Sweeping Election Bill

H.B. 7041, which is advancing through Florida’s Republican state legislature along party lines, would amend the vote-by-mail process and limit who is allowed to drop off a ballot on a voter’s behalf. The legislation would also make it a crime to give voters food or water within 150 feet of polling places.

The bill would implement voter ID requirements for mail-in voting and limit who can drop off a ballot at a drop box to an immediate family member or somebody living at the same residence as the elector.

Dov Fischer at Am Spec, It Would Have Been Enough for Us "If only these new voting laws had been in place before the 2020 election ..."

Jordan Davidson at Da Fed reminds us that Democrats Oppose Requiring IDs For Voting But Want You To Carry A Vaccine Passport

The Biden administration is reportedly working with undisclosed private tech companies to create vaccine passes for Americans to use as proof that they are immunized against COVID-19 in order to gain access to certain services that require vaccination. Some elected officials such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have already taken swift action to denounce the proposed passports, citing privacy concerns and the risk that Americans will be forced to do something they oppose in exchange for participation in “normal society.”

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.31.21, Mary Chastain at LI, Democrats Abandon Attempt To Steal Iowa Seat "Rita Hart lost Iowa’s 2nd District seat by six votes to Rep. Miller-Meeks.". John Sexton at Hot Hair, Democrat Rita Hart Withdraws Challenge In Iowa-2 Race. Henry Rodgers at Da Caller, Democrat Rita Hart Drops Challenge To Results Of Iowa Congressional Race, Concedes To Republican Marianette Miller-Meeks. Sister Toldja at Red State, Pelosi-Backed Push to Steal Iowa House Seat Fails, and the Reason Why Should Be Heeded by the GOP

The reality of the situation can be viewed once one reads between the lines of Hart’s statement. Once you dig beyond her hilarious spin about “disinformation” and “democracy,” what she’s really saying here is that the sustained efforts by Republicans to publicly point out the terrible optics of Democrats essentially trying to steal a House seat just two months after they impeached Trump, in part, over not accepting the results of the presidential election were too much for her to overcome.

Well, I was looking forward to using it as an excuse to boot Nancy from her seat once Republicans reclaim the house. We could do it anyway; could the press really treat us any worse? 

Wombat-socho makes a lame attempt at an April Fools joke.

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