Thursday, April 22, 2021

Election 2020: The Truth? You Can't Handle the Truth!

Human Events, D.C. Medical Examiner's Report Exposes Major MSM & Democrat Party Lie In Jan. 6 Narrative. At PJ Media, Mark Tapscott says The New York Times Must Come Clean on the Sicknick Lie, but you know they won't. 

This time they should specifically apologize and do so in detail. Beginning with the names of the two law enforcement sources the Times claims were behind the fire extinguisher lie.

Understand something here when I say that: I’ve been an investigative editor and reporter for years, and I empathize with Times editors and reporters concerning the challenges that come with sorting out fact from fiction in the nation’s Capitol.

One thing you don’t do, ever, as a journalist is burn credible sources. These two “law enforcement” sources aren’t that. They should be identified in public and held accountable. They told the nation’s most imminent newspaper a lie, knowing full well that it would be repeated as fact throughout the media.
CNS News, Pelosi Calls Again for Federal Commission ‘to Seek the Truth of January 6’. There's the truth, and then there's "the truth." I expect Nancy seeks the latter. 

If so, small wonder they kept that idiotic take to themselves for the past four years. As Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH) chided FBI director Christopher Wray, it doesn’t take 136 bullets aimed at members of Congress to generate a lethal police response. It also flies in the face of findings by other government agencies, Westrup said in a Thursday hearing upbraiding the FBI, as Politico reports this afternoon:
A congressman who was on the baseball field during the 2017 shooting that nearly killed GOP Whip Steve Scalise says the FBI privately informed lawmakers it ruled the attack a “suicide by cop,” a designation he said downplayed the shooter’s apparently political motivation. …

“Much to our shock that day, the FBI concluded that this was a case of the attacker seeking suicide by cop,” Wenstrup said. “Director, you want suicide by cop, you just pull a gun on a cop. It doesn’t take 136 rounds. It takes one bullet. Both the DHS and the (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) published products labeling this attack as a domestic violent extremism event, specifically targeting Republican members of Congress. The FBI did not.”
As Kyle Cheney and Martin Matishak note, that opinion was not limited to the federal government. The commonwealth of Virginia conducted a use-of-force review, and prosecutors there also concluded that this was a case of domestic terrorism by a deranged radical nutcase. The facts outlined make the idea that this was merely an attempt to get shot look absurd:
Wray's defense, which is pretty good, is that he was not in charge of the FBI at the time. Do you know who was? Andy McCabe. Ace Revealed: The FBI Classified the 2017 Baseball Park Attempted Assassination of Republican Congressman Not a Case of Politically-Motived Extremism, but a Mere... Suicide Attempt by James Hodgkinson DEFUND. Stephen Kruiser, at the PJ Morning Briefing: Trump's Biggest Failure Was in Not Gutting the FBI. It's certainly high on the list, but it's a big ask.

Daniel Greenfield at Front Page, The D.C. BLM Insurrectionists Get a Pass "It’s okay to riot in D.C., and assault government buildings and police officers again." Da Caller, After Chauvin Verdict, Capitol Police Suddenly Reverse Plan To Fortify Capitol. Can we build a wall to keep them in?

“It was stolen form the voters of Georgia. We do not know what they would have done because not every eligible Georgian was permitted to participate fully in the election.”

I think every eligible Georgian was able to vote if they wanted, as well as a lot of ineligible ones, and duplicates. Reagan McCarthy at Town Hall, 'This Insanity Needs to Stop': Kemp Responds to Calls for Boycott of Home Depot. Insty, THE DAM IS BREAKING: Coca Cola’s “woke” general counsel is out. This is the guy who wanted at least 15% of the lawyer time billed to Coca Cola by law firms to be for African American lawyers.

Breitbart,  DeSantis Says Florida Will ‘Immediately Sue’ over Democrats’ National Takeover of Elections. And he should win. With the emphasis on "should."

From atop Da Hill, House Democrats call on Republicans to return Marjorie Taylor Greene donation. Eff 'em!

Sundance at CTH, Maricopa County, Arizona, Hand Count Ballot Audit Begins Friday – Tabulation Machines Arrived Today, Ballots Tomorrow, Livestream Security Activated

Capt. Ed at Hot Air, America's newest domestic-surveillance agency -- the US Postal Service?. They won't be fair, they'll be hunting Proud Boys and Oath Keepers and not Antifa, but at least they'll be incompetent. Sundance, U.S. Postal Service Running Covert Surveillance Operation to Monitor Social Media Posts, The Program Sounds Identical to DHS Surveillance Program, because it is.

The Yahoo news article is filled with people saying they don’t know why. But that’s only because they have not been paying attention. The USPS has the systems in place to record every single package (sender and recipient), of every single piece of mail, sent anywhere at all times. They have a massive database of information on every single American.

So when you put the USPS statutory authority together with their technical capability, and then consider they operate their own police force… and then tie it together with “DHS Preparing to Use Private Contractors to “Scour Public Data and Social Media” To Compile Dissident Citizens for Watch List and No Fly Lists“…. what is described in the Yahoo article is almost identical to what we previously outlined.

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  1. If the FBI ever want to show up at my door, they better have a warrant. Otherwise they are going to be told to leave immediately. No cooperation. No conversation. Just hostility and GTFO. I don't care what the reason they are there. National security, child kidnapping, human trafficking, massive cartel drug smuggling. I don't care. The Feebs have proven they are more of a threat to this nation than anything they go after.

    It should become a national policy for all civilians. Do not cooperate. Do not comply, unless compelled by legal process.