Sunday, April 11, 2021

Walk and Beach Report 4/11/21

Spring is truly sprung here. After a light rain last night, today is warm and bright; 75 when Skye and I started down the back trail to the beach, past this Eastern Redbud, a native plant, but one which Georgia planted in the back. Redbuds are one of the few host plants for Henry's Elfins, which can be found in our Hemlock tree in the yard, chasing off the Spring Azures. The deciduous trees in our forests are starting to blush green.

Speaking of butterflies, on the way down to the beach I spotted this Eastern-Tailed Blue, the smallest butterfly we have around here, for the first time this year. They're often seen near the ground on clover and other small flowers. I've seen 8 species of butterflies this year so far.
Down the the harbor, we spotted this Northern Water Snake, who must be fresh out of where ever they go to wait out the cold months. Widely confused with Water Moccasins, (which do not occur here), they are non-toxic, but pretty aggressive if pestered. So don't, unless you have to.
I'm sure it was after a meal of Mummichogs, the common minnow of the shallows, also fresh out of where ever they go to wait out the winter.
As I said, a gorgeous day, warm, just enough clouds to be pretty (although they threaten T-storms this afternoon).
We found 18 shark's teeth, a drum's tooth and a Tilly bone today, nothing worthy of bragging on the internet about. In the distance, an LNG tanker with four spherical storage tanks up at the Dominion Gas Docks. Frack on!

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